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And now something else, a personal favorite of ours: On a monthly basis, Mr. Arjen de Boer takes you to a long forgotten or a less wellknown facet of railway history. Check his latest edition:

Despite the economic crisis, the German railways flourished between the two world wars. This was also the case for sleeping and dining car company Mitropa. Founded during the First World War as the German counterpart of Wagons-Lits, it entered a period of prosperity after the war, despite the restrictions it was subjected to.

The carriage interior style owed much to the Neue Sachlichkeit and Bauhaus, but with a luxurious rather than Spartan finish. The Mitropa logo and poster designs showed that the Art Deco style had become popular in Germany too.

In the 1930s Mitropa was used for Nazi propaganda and control. After the war the company was split, just like Germany itself. Full article with lots of images at

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