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RTS Austria 1216  

In January 2007 RTS (rail operator) and Swietelsky (construction company) announced the purchase of two Siemens ES64U4 electrics, identical to the 1216s for the Austrian railways (OBB) that were in production in Linz at that time. True, a full-fledged 230 kph fast multi-purpose locomotive is overrated for RTS, but choosing this type at that time guaranteed a short delivery time.

In April and July 2007 the designated 1216 901 and 902 were delivered. Since then, RTS/Swietelsky uses the locomotives to pull construction and maintenance trains. Additionally, they are available for hire to other operators. Early 2008, as RTS/Swietelsky decided to change the design of the 901/902. The large silver surface upfront was removed.

In May 2011, Siemens delivered a third ES64U4 locomotive to RTS/Swietelsky, the designated 1216 903.

RTS 1216: news  
open news
2015-11-30 [AT] CargoServ: RTS 1216 901 replaces 1216 933 [correction]
open news
2013-03-18 [BU] RTS 1216 903 back from Turkey
open news
2013-02-13 [EU] RTS 1216 903 in Turkey
open news
2013-01-07 [DE] ODEG: metronom coaches in service with RTS 1216
open news
2011-06-19 [AT] two new ES64U4 released: RTS 1216 903 and WLC 1216 953 [update]
open news
2011-06-08 [HU/AT] MIREL-tests with RTS 1216 903
open news
2011-03-17 [AT] Fleet of RTS Austria soon to expand
open news
2010-02-10 [HU] two ES 64 U4s homologated fur Hungary
open news
2008-02-22 [AT] [SL] ES 64 U4 news
RTS Austria 1216: Select your Locomotive:  
Siemens 21113 2007 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el 1216 901 42 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 21123 2007 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el 1216 902 40 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 21651 2010 ES 64 U4 Bo'Bo'-el 1216 903 29 picture(s) available   revision data available