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locomotives for Direct Current voltage systems - DC  
  TRAXX hom. customer # year of construction local designation  
F140 DC IT Alpha Trains 20 2006-2009 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC ES Renfe Mercancias 100 2007-2010 253 PROFILE
F140 DC IT Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) 8 2009/2009 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC IT Ferrovie Emilia Romagna (FER) 2 2009/2009 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC IT General Transport Service (GTS) 7 2009/2012/2015 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC IT Autorit Portuale di Savona (APS) 2 2009 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC ES Comsa 3 2009 253 PROFILE
P160 DC PL Koleje Mazowieckie 11 2010-2011 5170 (EU47) PROFILE
F140 DC PL Pol-Miedź Trans 2 2010 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC PL Railpool 8 2011 5170 (E 483) PROFILE
F140 DC IT Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana S.r.l. (FAS) 2 2012 E 483 PROFILE
F140 DC IT Ferrotramviaria 2 2013 E 483 PROFILE

made in Vado Ligure, Italy
The very first Traxx 2E DC locomotive, E483 001 was assembled in Kassel. This pilot project was used for training employees from the Bombardier site in Vado Ligure (I). The Italian Bombardier site is per January 2007 the official 'center of competence' for all Traxx 2E DC locomotives.

The Traxx DC a direct derivate from the Traxx MS version, being a more simple and more economic alternative. It is specially specially developed for the domestic Polish, Italian and Spanish market, where 3kV DC catenary is the standard.

Except for 483.001, all Traxx DC have a 'Italian' works number. The number used on our site are based on information from Bombardier Vado Ligure and represent the factory number of the electric equipment of that unit. As far as we know, all Renfe S/253 units have a Italian works number, even the ones that were not assembled in Italy. As you may know, 45 machines of this serie were sent to Villaverde (ES) as kits.