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Vossloh EURO series; main line diesel locomotives  

The current diesel loco building operation in Valencia at Albuixech is the culmination of the earlier heavy engineering firm (Material y Construcciónes, SA (MACOSA) in gaining a licence from the Electromotive Division (EMD) of General Motors for Spanish manufacture of locomotives utilizing the diesel engines, electrical components and control systems supplied from La Grange, Illinois in the USA. Local erection was commenced in 1962 by Macosa.
Initially Macosa used body and frame designs adapted from the standard export range of EMD. Later Macosa, and its more recent entity Meinfesa, gained considerable expertise in the specialist manufacture of monocloque body designs and low stress bogie design more suitable for European conditions, overcoming the tendency of the American “lugging and slugging” designs to be overly heavy and generally with poor riding characteristics at speed. Examples of this is the almost complete metamorphosis of the RENFE series-319, having had three different body styles and two different bogies.
Under the stewardship of Alsthom-GEC/Alstom, the locomotive range incorporated the move from using the EMD 645-series diesel engines to installing the current larger capacity 710-series engine range, although the earlier range is still sold utilizing re-conditioned, re-manufactured units. Interesting to note similarity of the Albuixech-designed body to that of Alstom’s contemporary Prima series of export diesel locomotives out of Belfort fitted with non-EMD engines.
With the sale of the Spanish concern to Vossloh, there has arisen some conflicts in locomotive types, with the German division intending to concentrate on locomotives fitted with hydraulic transmissions and those eminating out of Spain with electrical transmission. The desire to introduce the larger capacity locomotives in the 4000 hp power range has seen the EURO4000 introduced by the Spanish factory using the V-16 configuration of the 710 engine and new body and bogie design conforming with latest European standards. The plans for an equivalent diesel hydraulic have not been by realized by Vossloh’s German operation, although a serious competitor has emerged in the form of the Voith Maxima.

The name ‘Euro’ for the current platform was deliberately chosen, as Vossloh is aiming on the complete European market for mainline diesel locomotives with 2,3 to 4 MW duration power with this new product. It combines a lightweight Spanish construction with robust American engineering.

Vossloh EURO series: news  
open news
2013-08-18 [FR] Every week a new Europorte locomotive?
open news
2013-06-14 [ES/IL] First Euro3200 for Israel on the road
open news
2013-05-25 [DE] Vossloh EuroLight running together with G12 and G18
open news
2013-03-20 [CZ] Unique combination: Euro3200 + EuroLight + Vectron MS
open news
2013-02-24 [IT] EuroLight in Italy; update
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2013-02-24 [FR] Europorte Line-up
open news
2013-02-17 [FR] Delivery VFLI 4019
open news
2013-02-03 [DE] Euro3200 in Germany, heading for Velim
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2013-01-30 [EU] Back to back: EuroLight vs. Euro3200
open news
2013-01-25 [ES/FR] E4019 for VFLI on the road
open news
2013-01-23 [FR] Portrait of new VFLI E4018
open news
2013-01-20 [ES/DE] This is the all new Vossloh Euro 3200 [edit]
open news
2012-12-21 [NL/BE/FR/UK] Brand new Europorte 4013 and a class66 transport
open news
2012-12-04 [FR] Euro4000 for VFLI outshopped [updated]
open news
2012-12-03 [DE/IT] Both EUROlight locomotives now being tested
open news
2012-11-01 [IL] Israel Euro4000s in revenue service
open news
2012-09-19 [ES/IT] Vossloh EuroLight going to Italy [updated]
open news
2012-09-10 [ES/IL] Nine additional Euro3000 locomotives for Israel
open news
2012-09-05 [EU] Vossloh at Innotrans 2012: DM30, EURODual, UKlight and ASIAlight
open news
2012-08-04 [FR] Europorte 4011
open news
2012-06-05 [ES/FR] Ten more Euro-locomotives for Europorte; delivery has started
open news
2012-05-22 [ES] Gauge change in Granada
open news
2012-04-06 [ES] new rail operator in Spain: Ferrovial - the yellow train
open news
2012-02-27 [DE] EUROlight testing at Wiesental
open news
2012-02-09 [DE] After more than a year: EUROlight reappears
open news
2012-01-14 [FR] Beacon Rail > VFLI orders six Euro 4000 locomotives
open news
2012-01-06 [UK] now official: Direct Rail Services invests in new diesel locomotives
open news
2012-01-04 [UK] First Vossloh EuroLight order comes from the UK; Direct Rail Services
open news
2011-11-21 [IL] Israel Railways 1401 and 1402 have arrived in Haifa
open news
2011-10-18 [IL] Euro4000 for Israel to be shipped
open news
2011-10-05 [ES] Dual-Modes for Europe come from Spain > Vossloh EuroDUAL prototype
open news
2011-06-30 [FR] Europorte 4005
open news
2011-06-23 [FR] Europorte 4006 baptised "Alesia"
open news
2011-05-01 [FR] Europorte orders twelve EURO 4000 locomotives from Vossloh España [update]
open news
2011-03-04 [DE] HGK evaluates the Euro 4000 (the DE39 project)
open news
2011-03-03 [ES/IR] Vossloh locomotives for Israel [edit]
open news
2011-01-27 [DE] EUROlight rolling in Germany
open news
2011-01-25 [EU] EuroLIGHT in Germany
open news
2010-12-18 [DE/FR] two more Euro 4000s for Beacon Rail / Europorte
open news
2010-12-16 [DE/FR] Vossloh hands over two Euro4000s to Beacon Rail / Europorte
open news
2010-11-03 [DE] Beacon Rail 4001 on trial
open news
2010-09-26 [FR] four times Euro 4000 for Beacon Rail > Europorte
open news
2010-05-07 [ES/NO] Beacon Rail / CargoNet Euro4000 no.4 leaving the factory
open news
2010-03-17 [NO] unshipping CargoNet Euro 4000s
open news
2010-02-10 [FR] Euro 4000 trials in France
open news
2010-01-05 [EU] From Angel to Alpha
open news
2009-10-06 [NL/DE/FR] hunting down the Euro 4000
open news
2009-09-23 [NL] Euro 4000 in Tilburg
open news
2009-09-18 [NO] sneak preview CargoNet Euro 4000....
open news
2009-08-23 [BE] Euro 4000 test runs in Belgium
open news
2009-08-17 [FR/BE] 2x Euro 4000 on trial
open news
2009-06-26 [ES] nice line-up
open news
2009-05-01 [SE] former Allco Euro4000s sold to Railcare
open news
2009-04-17 [EU] various news
open news
2009-01-14 [EU] The launch of Beacon Rail / new Euro 4000s ordered
open news
2009-01-04 [ES] Takargo 6001 now also on [update]
open news
2008-12-19 [ES] Euro 4000 for Takargo!
open news
2008-12-15 [ES] new Vossloh locomotives
open news
2008-12-10 [ES] first commercial service EuroCargoRail in Spain
open news
2008-11-30 [PT] Comsa 335.001 in Portugal
open news
2008-10-20 [DE] Euro4000 in Cottbus
open news
2008-09-04 [DE] Euro4000 on its way to Innotrans
Vossloh EURO3000/4000: Technical specs  
Four members
The Euro program is based on four main sub types. The EURO3000 passenger (Renfe 334 series) and the EURO4000 freight (all Euro4000s built up till now) have become reality; the other two only exist on the drawing board. The program illustrates the flexibility of the EURO platform, of course it is always possible to adjust a certain type, or mix and mingle two versions to meet customer specific demands. What unites all versions is the newly developed cabins, placed inside the locomotive body shell, meeting the latest crash safety regulations and the UIC 505-1 loading gauge. They are all equipped with air-conditioning and a central placed driver desk. Up till now all machines have a diesel engine and a electrical transmission revised or newly built by EMD. But, if a customer wishes for it, diesel engines of other manufacturers can find their place on the EURO platform.

Technical specs Euro 3000

type Euro 3000 passenger Euro 3000 freight
Configured as concept concept
Total length 21500 mm 21500 mm
Wheel base 13200 mm 13200 mm
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo' Bo'Bo'
Distance between axles 2600 mm 2600 mm
Track gauge 1668 mm 1435 of 1668 mm
Total weight 90 ton 82 ton
Axle load 22,5 ton 20,5 ton
Top speed 200 kph 120 kph
Starting Tractive Effort: 178 kN 280 kN
Fuel tank capacity 3000 l (4000 l optional) 3000 l (4000 l optional)
Number of traction motors 4 4
Traction Motor Nose suspended Frame mounted
Manufacturer diesel engine EMD EMD
type 12N-710 G3B-EC 12-710 G3C-U2
Power rating 2390 kW 2460 kW
Number of cilinders 12 12
Electrical transmission AC/DC AC/DC
Wheel diameter (new) 965 mm 1016 mm

Technical specs Euro 4000

type Euro 4000 passenger Euro 4000 freight
Configured as concept ATC 335 series
Total length 23020 mm 23020 mm
Wheel base 14600 mm 14600 mm
Axle arrangement: Co'Co' Co'Co'
Distance between axles 2x 1800 mm 2x 1800 mm
Track gauge 1435 of 1668 mm 1435/1668 mm
Total weight 126 ton 123 ton
Axle load 21 ton 20,5 ton
Top speed 160 kph 120 kph
Starting Tractive Effort: 325 kN 400 kN
Fuel tank capacity 6000 l 7000 l
Number of traction motors 6 6
Traction Motor Nose suspended Nose suspended
Manufacturer diesel engine EMD EMD
type 16-710 G3C-U2 16-710 G3C-U2
Power rating 3178 kW 3178 kW
Number of cilinders 16 16
Electrical transmission AC/DC AC/DC
Wheel diameter (new) 1067 mm 1067 mm
Vossloh EURO3000/4000: Demonstrators  
Euro 3000/4000 at Innotrans 2006
Construction of a pre-production test unit, with works number 2221, and later on the first of the initial order for 12 1668 mm gauge units for Angel Train Cargo, commenced in 2006. However, it was sent to INNOTRANS 2006 by boat as a 1435 mm gauge unit. Back in Spain it continued to do trials on 1668 mm gauge for both Vossloh and owner ATC establishing load ratings and route availability until release as a regular production specification machine in 02.2008.
Renfe 334 006 had the honour to accompany the green and silver Vossloh demonstrator during its trip to Germany in 2006. I represented the Euro 3000 version of the concept at the Innotrans fair. I carried Vossloh logos especially for this occasion. After its special task was completed the machine was delivered to Renfe.

Euro 4000 at Innotrans 2008
At the 2008 Innotrans fair, a EURO4000 wearing the corporate colours of Angel Trains Cargo was present. The machine with production number 2505 has normal gauge bogies and will finally be part of a ATC batch approved for commercial services in France, Belgium and Germany.

Demonstrator in Sweden
On 07.01.2008, a white painted EURO4000 arrived per boat in the Swedish harbour of Halmstad, which was then transported to the Tagab works in Kristinehamn for ‘winterization’. Under the licence of this Swedish rail operator, the T68 901 numbered machine then was evaluated in the sometimes harsh Scandinavian weather conditions. The machine was not fully painted by its arrival; aluminium side plates at both front ends were still uncoated.
This machine had to be delivered to Alco leasing, but as it sold its European leasing activities to BTMU cc in the mean time, this unit came back to Vossloh. Finally it was sold to Railcare from Sweden.

Demonstrator in Germany
On 28.01.2008, a second white painted EURO4000 passed the French-German border on its way to Minden. Since then this demonstrator is extensively tested by FTZ Minden, which performed electromagnetic current disturbance measurements and adhesion trials at the Geislinger Steige for example. Also traction effort, braking and starting performances were analyzed. This engine is also sold to Railcare in Sweden in 2009.

Vossloh EURO3000/4000: Customer overview  
Renfe 334 series - 28 units - Euro 3000 passengers
Since 2006, Vossloh is building 28 EURO3000 for the Spanish national railways Renfe. They are purchased for high speed and high quality passenger services between Madrid, Murcia and Cartagena. For the Renfe 334 series revised 12-cilinder EMD diesel engines are being used, taken out withdrawn Renfe 319 and 333 class locomotives.

Comsa 335 series - 2 units - Euro 4000 freight
Comsa 335 001 was the first 335 to be seen outside Albiuxech in a livery other than that of a Vossloh test unit. Comsa machines are painted blue and silver and carry Comsa and European Bulls logos. All the EURO3000 and EURO4000 units initially run trials exiting the branch line joining the Albuixech industrial park with the mainline from Valencia to Sagunto Emplame which actually emerges at the next station north Massalfassar and then on the Sagunto to Zaragosa line via Teruel as far as Barracas.
The second EURO4000 for Comsa, designated 335 002 had the task to complete 500.000 kilometer without technical malfunctions in regular service, the main demand to get the EURO4000 certified for Spain. In September 2008, the machine was sent to Portugal for certification trials. Getting the Euro 4000 approved in this country is essential part of the next major contract with which Vossloh was awarded in the summer of 2008.

Beacon Rail – 6 units for CargoNet, 4 units for Europorte and 6 units for VFLI - Euro 4000 freight
Allco leasing, a company from Australia decided to order two EURO4000 locomotives for the European market back in 2005. Both units were released from work early 2008, both painted in a neutral white colour. One unit was transported to Germany, the other was shipped to Sweden. The Swedish machine was winterized after its arrival (eg. air intakes with special grids to cope with snow) and then started trials under the license of Tagab, a Swedish operator. The approval for Sweden was completed at the end of 2008. Around the same time the German machine also arrived in Sweden to undergo the winterization treatment.

In May 2005 it was announced that Allco decided to focus on the Australian and US market for locomotive leasing only, and therfore the European fleet had to be sold. The European activities finally were acquired by a combination of to the Bank of Tokyo and Mitsubischi from Japan, in short BTMU. BTMU itself had its residence in Boston, USA. On 14.01.2009 BTMU announced that it had established Beacon Rail Leasing Limited (Beacon Rail), a wholly-owned subsidiary, to be its business entity for freight rolling stock leasing in the European market.

Remarkable is the destiny of the Swedish and German demonstrator locomotive that Allco originally ordered. When BTMU took over the Allco European fleet, these two machines were not included and they came back to Vossloh. In 2009 they were sold to Railcare from Sweden.

first order; CargoNet 312 series
Together with the establishment of Beacon Rail, the purchase of six new Euro 4000s was published, all to be operated by CargoNet AS from Norway. First two units arrived in Norway on 17.03.2010.

second order; locomotive 4001-4004 for Europorte
In 2010, Beacon Rail got another four Euro 4000s, originally built for Alpha Trains. These F/B/D configurated units were then rented to Europorte from France.

third order; six units for VFLI
Voies Ferrées Locales et Industrielles (VFLI) ordered six locomotives. The order was published in December 2011. The delivery will start in January 2013. -

Railcare – 2 units - Euro 4000 freight
In may 2009, Swedish operator acquired two Euro4000 units, initially used for trials in Germany and Sweden. Originally they were ordered by Allco leasing. The Swedish test engine was already adjusted for services in the harsh weather conditions of Scandinavia and soon went into Railcare service as 68 901, the number it already had during its trial period in Sweden. The second machine came from Germany in 2008 or 2009 and modified too. Railcare plans to take over this unit as 68 902 in october 2009.

Alpha Trains 335 series - 24 units - Euro 4000 freight
The leasing company Alpha Trains (former Angel Trains Cargo) also invested in new EURO4000 locomotives. They placed two orders. First one was announced during the Innotrans railway fair in 2006 and incorporates the delivery of 18 machines for the Spanish/Portuguese market, equipped with signalling systems for both countries and running on 1668 mm Iberian gauge bogies. The second order incorporates 12 units for the central European market, starting with France, Belgium and Germany.

These plans were changed during delivery as 24 units were built for the Iberian market, and only six got the configuration for France, Belgium and Germany.

Later on, Alpha Trains appearantly decided to focus on the Iberian market only with the Euro 4000s. The six units for F/B/D were never delivered. In stead, four machines were sold by Vossloh to Beacon Rail. The status of the remaining two units is still unknown.

First unit representing this sub serie was released from Albuixech in August 2008 and presented at the Innotrans 2008 fair in Berlin. It’s turquoise/silver livery was the standard for Angel Trains' international vehicles by then. The machines for Spain/Portugal are like the Comsa units designated as 335 series (according to the Spanish numbering system) and the first units are numbered from 003 onwards. ATC 335 003 was present at Innotrans 2006, but is now in service of Comsa, painted in blue and silver. Comsa has taken an option on buying this machine from ATC.

Continental Rail – 4 units - Euro 4000 freight
Also Spanish open access rail operator Continental Rail S.A., ordered four Euro 4000s back in 2007. The first unit was first spotted in November 2008. Around the summer of 2009 all four units were completed, designated 335 016, 018, 029 and 030.

Takargo – 7 or 14 units - Euro 4000 freight
Takargo is the commercial name of Cargo Rail, subsidiary of Portuguese construction company MOTA EGIL. Takargo is the first open access rail operator from Portugal, and got its service license and security permit on 30.12.2006. In 2008, Takargo ordered fourteen six-axle EURO4000 freight locomotives and 250 new container carriers and for border crossing services between Spain and Portugal. In December 2008, the first Takargo engine was spotted, in a striking two-tone red livery. In 2009 serie delivery started.

Ferrovial Agroman – 2 units - Euro 4000 freight
The Spanish department of the enormous Ferrovial organisation operates two Euro 4000 locomotives. The first one was seen in Dezember 2009 and painted orange. The engines are numbered 335 031 and 032.

Israel Railways (ISR) - 14x Euro 4000 freight and 24x Euro 3000 passenger
On 03.03.2011, Vossloh made public that ISR ordered 29 new Euro series locomotives. The deal included fourteen Euro 4000 units no. 1401-1414), and fifteen Euro3000 machines. First 4000 was shipped in November 2011. In september 2012, it was clear that ISR had raised to order for Euro3000s to 24. - Vossloh

Europorte - 12 units - Euro 4000 freight
On 26.04.2011, Vossloh announced an order from French operator Europorte from France. Two EURO 4000 locomotives were delivered in May 2011 (4005 and 4006). Another 10 will follow in 2012 (4007-....). - Vossloh
Vossloh EURO3000/4000: homologation for FR/BE/DE  
Lease company Angel Trains Cargo ordered EURO4000 freight locomotives with two different configurations. The units designated as 335 series are being built for the Spanish/Portuguese market and have 1668 Iberian gauge bogies. Other machines will have normal gauge 1435 mm bogiges and will be homologated for services in France, Belgium and Germany. First test runs to get this new sub serie homologated started in 2009.

First machine being used was Vossloh 2505, the machine re-appeared in France in June 2009. It got an French NVR-number; 92 87 0004 001-9. On 05.08.2009 the machine was spotted near Bebra, Germany, arriving in Munich on 06.08.2009. The days after that the machine was spotted in a test train with two ECR class66 diesel-electrics and two 152 series electrics of DB Schenker, one of them being the 152 005 with Claas livery. On 13.08.2009 the '4001' arrived in Belgium for test runs on lign '94' from Ath to Silly.

These test runs were performed at the end of August.

In August 2009 a second machine arrived in France, to perform trials over there. On 01.02.2010 the French rail safety authority (Etablissement Public de Sécurité Ferroviaire or EPSF) officially authorised the EURO4000 to run in France.

Both test units in Alpha colours ended up in Kiel in 2010, which were then repainted into silver and blue and sold to Beacon Rail. Europorte from France will use them now in central Europe.

Vossloh EUROlight: introduction  
The Vossloh EUROlight is a new four-axle diesel-electric locomotive with less than 20t weight per axle available with two different engines. The freight version will have a top speed of 120 km/h, the passenger version shall be designed for speeds between 140 km/h and 200 km/h. The diesel engine is either the 12-cylinder Cat C175-12 for 2’300 kW or a 16-cylinder Cat C 175-16 for 2’800 kW, a 3’500 kW version is also planned. Four traction inverters allow individual control of the axle with 1’100 mm wheel diameter. All electric equipment is from ABB. The 2’800 kW version with 4’000-liter fuel tank has a weight of 77,5 t, optionally there will be also a version with a 7’000-liter fuel tank. - Vossloh

In August 2010, a EUROlight locomotive (unit 284.002) was seen outside of Spain for the first time. It was parked in Hendaye from 08.08.2010 to 20.08.2010 and then continued a journey towards Germany. In September 2010 it was at display during the international Innotrans 2010 railway fair in Berlin. - PC/

In Januari 2011, homologation tests with the EUROlight were started in Germany. For this purpose, unit 284.001 was sent upnorth.

Vossloh EUROlight: Customer overview  
Beacon Rail > Direct Rail Services - fifteen locomotives - EUROlight UK
Direct Rail Services (DRS), the UK’s leading rail freight operator, ordered fifteen EUROlight in 2011. The diesel locomotives will be used for DRS' key intermodal and passenger train operations. The Vossloh Espana Eurolight UK locomotives are a derivative of the Eurolight locomotive (already running in Germany) and have been developed for the UK in conjunction with Beacon Rail Leasing and DRS. Due to arrive in the UK in late 2013 the locos feature a 3750hp Caterpillar c175 engine and ABB AC traction equipment delivering a top speed of 100 mph (=160 kph) and genuine mixed traffic haulage capabilities.
Vossloh EURO 3000 AC  
In March 2011, we heared about the Euro 3000 AC for the first time. This concept can be seen as a mix of the innovations of the EUROlight concept (similar exterior cab design) and the experiences with the Renfe 334 series. The EURO3000 AC is configured for main line passenger services and normal track gauges. Main technical specs:

Technical specs Euro 3000 AC

type Euro 3000 passenger
Configured as concept
Total length 21000 mm
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight 88 ton
Axle load 22 tonnes
Top speed max. 200 kph
Starting Tractive Effort: max 305 kN
Fuel tank capacity 6000 l
Manufacturer diesel engine EMD
type 12N-710
Power rating 2454 kW
Number of cilinders 12
Electrical transmission AC/AC IGBT
Wheel diameter (new) 1117 mm

Vossloh 333.3: select your locomotive  
An overview of all 333.3 rebuild locomotives by Vossloh Valencia, in service of operators other than Renfe.

Vossloh EURO series - Select your locomotive  
As the EURO series are still in production, and this makes this list incomplete. Missing pieces of information are always welcome!