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DB 152: changes after the first main overhaul  
In January 2004, 152 005 was the first unit which left the workshops of Dessau after a general overhaul, generally needed after 8 years of service.

At that moment, Railion was the name for the freight division of the DB again, was introduced for the second time in September 2003, on unit 152 152. However, by the first 40 units to get a main overhaul, logos were not replaced, the kept their DB Cargo markings. In February 2005, first units were released from Dessau with Railion2 logos. These differ drom the Railion1 logos as the blue square is on the right, no longer on the left.

Since June 2005, all overhauled units got additional steps and grips up front, similar to those applied on the DB 189 series. 152 050, 053, 060, 062, 063, 066 and 069-170 got these extra features in Dessau during their overhaul. The other machines will possibly get them later. Note that also two out of three rebuilt 152s have these features: 152 040II and 075II since their delivery.

At the end of 2005 however, the Railion name was changed into Railion DB Logistics, including new logos. December 2005 onwards, machines got those logos.

In 2007 the Railion DB logistics was changed into DB Schenker. As this name is not appreciated by several DB customers, this will not be applied on locomotives. In stead, they get small DB logos only. Then we are back to where we started....

All this name changing, combined the livery variation that was already there, resulted in a new list of looks:

red-1 / Railion2 logos
When the Railion name was introduced for the second time, Railion2 logos were applied
period: since 09.2003

red-1 / Railion1 (front) + Railion2 (side) logos
152 084, that already had Railion1 logos up front, did not get not new ones up there
period: since 09.2005

all red / Railion2 logos
152 089 and 098 have a very rare livery, they are all red with Railion2 logos. 152 089 has no blue square up front.
period: since 10.2005

red-1 / Railion DB Logistics logos
The normal Railion DB Logistics version for the 152 series.
period: since 12.2005

red-1 / small DB logos
Units that got their first main overhaul in 2008, and did not have DB logos yet, got them. Back to basics also.
period: since xx.2008

red-1 / small DB logos, extra space between white stripes upfront
It's only a detail, but from 2009 on, most 185s, 145s, 152s that get an overhaul, also get a slightly different front design. The white warning stripes up front are smaller, leaving more red space for the DB logo
period: since xx.2009