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ZSSK 109E  

A model of the future ZSSK 381 series was on display at Innotrans 2010.

On 30.07.2009, the Slovakian state railways (ZSSK) awarded Skoda Transportation the first export order for its 109E platform locomotive. Two units were ordered, as part of a €83 million Euro deal, also including modernization of ten class 263 electrics and the building of ten 3-car double-deck push-pull trains sets.

Skoda will built the locomotives in Plzen, delivery is sceduled for 2013. The two ZSSK units, to be designated as 381 series, will have a reduced top speed of only 160 kph and they will be equipped with GSM-R/ETCS Level 1 for services on the Bratislava - Nové Mesto nad Váhom - Zilina corridor.

ZSSK 109E: news  
open news
2016-12-02 [CN/EU] CRRC confirms plan to buy Škoda Transportation
open news
2015-05-22 [CZ/DE] Skoda 109E approved for Germany
open news
2014-02-14 [PL/CZ] Poland grants Škoda’s 109E electrics full authorisation
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2012-12-09 [SK] ZSSK 381 series in service
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2012-09-16 [DE] INNOTRANS 2012: Skoda/Legios transport
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2012-09-01 [SK] 381 002 in the picture
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2012-07-24 [SK] The first freight hauled by the ZSSK 381 series
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2012-02-22 [SK] ZSSK 381 001 piloting regular passenger trains
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2011-12-05 [SK] ZSSK 381 001 arrives in its home country [updated]
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2011-11-08 [SK] ZSSK 381 001 (Skoda 109E2) in the picture
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2011-08-31 [SK] ZSSK 381 001 outshopped
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2011-08-03 [SK] First Skoda 109E / ZSSK 381 series in the picture
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2009-08-12 [SK] Slovakian railways order two Skoda electrics
ZSSK 109E: Fleet List  
Škoda 9791 2011 109E2 Bo'Bo'-el 381 001-7 27 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Škoda 9792 2012 109E2 Bo'Bo'-el 381 002-5 12 picture(s) available