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ÖBB 1016/1116: three additonal bodies  
Under works number 21628, 21629 and 21630, Siemens built three extra 1x16 bodies for the ÖBB. The first one (21628) arrived at the work shops of Linz at the end of 2008. The 21629 followed shortly after that and no. 21630 came in during the summer of 2009.

#21629 > ÖBB 1116 017 (II)

Body no. 21629 was used first and its completion took almost a year. In December 2009 it was outshopped in Linz as 1116 017 (II).

#21628 -> ÖBB 1116 062 (II)

In November 2010, the Linz works outshopped 1116 062 (II). This locomotive was rebuilt using body #21628.

#21630 -> ÖBB ?

The third and last spare Taurus body was transported from its outside parking place in Linz, into the workshops in February 2013.