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Softronic Phoenix  
The general design of the Phoenix is based on the good old class 060 EA running for the Romanian railways. In the past decades many of them have been modernized by Softrans. There are various stages of modernizations done by Softronic, resulting in several new subseries of class 060 EA.

The Phoenix series however are newly built locomotives. Mechanically, they are still based on the proven 060 EA construction, but technically they are more up to date. Its electroinics and the DC-propulsion system is based on that of class 477 modernized locomotives. The first one (the prototype) debuted at the 2008 edition of the Zilele Feroviare (the railway days) exhibition at Bucarest-North station. It has a top speed of 120 kph and therefore used for freight services.

During its first appearance the prototype had Rumanian service number 40-2001 and a Softronic promotional livery. In 2009 its service number was changed to a more international 91-53-0-478-001-7. Late 2009 of early in 2010 the locomotive got the orange and blue livery of Softronic's in house operator Softrans. In 2010 it was sold to Logistic Services Danubius (LSD), a DB Schenker division, and displayed for the third time at Zilele Feroviare (2010), carrying a red livery.

The second Phoenix locomotive, like the prototype configurated for freight service, was built for Hungarian freight operator Magyar Magánvasút (MMV). It was presented at Bucharest Gara de Nord on 23.03.2009. In 2012 it was renumbered as 602 001, as all rail vehicles in Hungary got new services numbers.

The third Phoenix locomotives serves the passenger transport division of the Romanian Railways, CFR Călători. It can run up to 200 kph and is painted red. fIt was first presented at the Romanian Railway Days 2009, on 06.10.2009. Officially it is the first of an order of five for CFR. Remarkable is that its frame was initially red, and painted black later on.

The fourth Phoenix locomotives also serves the passenger transport division of the Romanian Railways, CFR Călători. It can run up to 200 kph and its livery is based on the tri-colour Romanian flag. It was present at Zilele Feroviare 2010.

Phoenix no.5 and 6 have the colours of DB Schenker Rail and were built in 2012.

Softronic Phoenix: news  
open news
2016-01-28 [HR] MMV Phoenix locomotive homologated for Croatia
open news
2015-11-08 [HR] MMV Phoenix locomotive in Croatia
open news
2014-12-14 [HU/DE] DBSRR 478-001 brings five new Powerhauls
open news
2014-01-06 [RO/HU] DB Schenker in Hegyeshalom with Softronic locomotive
open news
2013-04-16 [RO/HU] Softronic Phoenix in Hungary
open news
2013-04-05 [RO] Video report on Softronic Craiova / TransMontana no.005
open news
2013-01-09 [RO] Phoenix no.3 for DB Schenker Rail Romania
open news
2012-11-27 [RO] Phoenix 6 also for DB Schenker Rail
open news
2012-10-07 [RO] Second Phoenix locomotive for DB Schenker Rail Romania [updated]
open news
2012-01-12 [HU] MMV softronic locomotive renumbered (602 001)
Softronic Phoenix: technical specs  
Product name Phoenix
Product description synchrone AC multi-purpose locomotive
Power system 25kV AC
Total length 19.800 mm  
Width 3.000 mm  
no. axles / Axle arrangement: 6 / Co' Co'  
Track gauge 1435 mm  
  freight configuration passenger configuration
Total weight 126 tonnes (6 tonnes ballast) 120 tonnes
Axle load 21 tonnes 20 tonnes
Top speed (operational) 120 kph 160/200 kph
Duration power rating 5.100 kW 5.100 kW
Starting traction Effort 440 kN 288/228 kN
Softronic Phoenix: select your locomotive:  
Softronic 001 2008 Phoenix Co'Co'-el DB Cargo  "91 53 0478 001-7" 41 picture(s) available        
Softronic 002 2009 Phoenix Co'Co'-el MMV  "602 001-4" 20 picture(s) available        
Softronic 003 2009 Phoenix Co'Co'-el CFR Călători  "91-53-0-473 003-8" 17 picture(s) available        
Softronic 004 2010 Phoenix Co'Co'-el CFR Călători   "91-53-0-473 004-6" 26 picture(s) available        
Softronic SOF 010 2012 Phoenix Co'Co'-el DB Cargo  "93 53 0471 002-2" 7 picture(s) available        
Softronic SOF 011 2012 Phoenix Co'Co'-el DB Cargo  "91-53-0471-003-0" 14 picture(s) available