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Amtrak ACS-64 600  
The Cities Sprinter electric locomotives for Amtrak are based on Siemens’ Eurosprinter and Vectron models. They are equipped to operate on the three line voltages 25 kV, 12.5 kV and 12 kV and develop an output rating of up to 6.4 MW. Consequently, they can reach a substantially higher performance level than the predecessor models. By operating trains up to 18 cars long at a top speed of 200 km/h (about 125 mph), Amtrak will now be able to run trains at closer headways and carry a considerably higher number of passengers on the same route.

Amtrak ACS-64 600: news  
open news
2014-10-21 [USA] Amtrak Cities Sprinter now also on Pennsylvania’s Keystone Services
open news
2014-09-29 [USA] Siemens signs maintenance contract for the Amtrak Cities Sprinters
open news
2014-09-12 [USA] Inside Siemens' factory in Sacramento
open news
2014-05-08 [USA] Update on the Amtrak Cities Sprinter [updated]
open news
2014-03-03 [USA] Transport of Amtrak's new 607 and 608
open news
2014-02-10 [USA] First revenue service with Amtrak's Cities Sprinter
open news
2014-02-07 [USA] All Aboard! The new Amtrak locomotive enters service
open news
2013-08-20 [USA] Amtrak Cities Sprinter on the public network
open news
2013-07-30 [USA] Amtrak and Siemens demonstrate testing of the new CitiesSprinter
open news
2013-06-27 [USA] Amtrak Cities Sprinter heading east for field testing
open news
2013-05-14 [USA] Video footage of the Amtrak ACS-64 roll-out
open news
2013-05-13 [USA] Siemens: Rollout of first ACS-64 electric locomotive for Amtrak
open news
2013-05-11 [USA] Amtrak publishes first Cities Sprinter picture
open news
2012-09-21 [USA] INNOTRANS 2012: Amtrak CitiesSprinter [not updated]
open news
2012-07-27 [US] Coming up in 2013: The Amtrak Cities Sprinter
open news
2010-10-29 [US] Amtrak orders 70 new electrics from Siemens
Amtrak ACS-64 600: select your locomotive  
Siemens 21814 2013 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 600 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21813 2013 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 601 7 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21815 2013 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 602          
Siemens 21816 2013 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 603 1 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21817 201x ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 604          
Siemens 21818 201x ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 605          
Siemens 21819 2014 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 606 1 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21820 2014 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 607          
Siemens 21821 2014 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 608          
Siemens 21822 2014 ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 609          
Siemens AMT 001 201x ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 610          
Siemens AMT 002 201x ACS-64 Bo'Bo'-el 611