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Lokomotion Vectron  

Railfreight operator Lokomotion has ordered 8 Vectron MS locomotives from Siemens. The locomotives will be configurated for operations in Germany, Austria and Italy, will have ETCS on board and have a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Delivery is scheduled for the Spring of 2017. With this order, Siemens has reached the mark of 20 customers and 300 sold Vectron locomotives.

Lokomotion Vectron: news  
open news
2016-12-29 [DE] Lokomotion 193 772: TEE touring in Germany
open news
2016-12-27 [AT] Lokomotion Vectron pulls ski-train
open news
2016-12-17 [DE] First shots: Lokomotion Vectron (no.193 772) [updated]
open news
2016-02-02 [DE/AT/IT] Lokomotion orders 8 Vectrons [new visual]
Lokomotion Vectron: Fleet list  
Siemens 22061 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 193 770          
Siemens 22186 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 193 771          
Siemens 22187 2016 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 193 772 8 picture(s) available   revision data available