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Siemens 21136 - ÖBB "1216 025"

Go to Vehicle History / Pictures  Picture by:  Christian Tscharre
21.05.2008 - [A] Linz previous picture next picture

The 50th and last 1216 for the ÖBB during the ceremony, on 21.05.2008, with which the unit was officially handed over to the ÖBB. In the days before this event the machine was cleaned, repainted in silver and black and renumbered from 1216 050 to 1216 025.

Although standard for all Taurus units, the ÖBB could not repaint this unit in red and grey. It's unique accomplishments needed to be reminded, but in a less commercial and neutral way. Therefore a new black and silver design was chosen, simply telling us in large red letters and numbers what this machine has achieved.