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the EuroSprinter  
In 1992, a demonstrator was built to show what Siemens-KraussMaffei had to offer the German railways, as they were planning in giant new orders to rejuvenate their fleet. This machine, the designated 127 001, convinced many, but this did not result in the desired German order, due to many economical and political changes. Nevertheless, the DB demanded it to be re-engineered and so its concept did end up in the DB 152 series, and in the Austrian OBB Taurus locomotives, so it did get its multi-purpose successor everyone dreamed of, only in a different package.

In 2000, the 127 001 became part of the newly erected Siemens Dispolok pool for locomotive leasing. That's why the pink colour of the cabs was changed into yellow, Dispolok-yellow. As Siemens sold its Dispolok activities to MRCE from Japan in 2006, also the EuroSprinter became property of this company. This lasted until 2010, when Siemens decided to buy the locomotive back from MRCE, being an important item in its locomotive building history.

the EuroSprinter: news  
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2015-07-12 [DE] PCW 8 bringing 01 1104 (012 104-6) to Eisenbahn Werkstätten Krefeld (EWK)
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2014-07-29 [DE/UK] PCW 8 and new trains for the UK
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2014-03-10 [DE] A day in the park with PCW8 (and steam loco 03 1010)
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2013-03-16 [DE] Siemens PCW8: Early morning duty
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2012-08-31 [DE] 127 001 / PCW8 running again!
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2012-08-24 [DE] EuroSprinter 127 001 (or PCW 8) to Nürnberg
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2012-07-03 [DE] Railcolor Report: open door day in Wegberg-Wildenrath
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2011-04-06 [DE] EuroSprinter and the Deutsche Bahn
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2009-07-12 [DE] THE EuroSprinter has a new livery!
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2009-05-18 [DE] Siemens 'Lokzug'
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2009-03-24 [DE] Siemens on the move
the EuroSprinter: the Dispolok work horse  
In its final years being a member of the Dispolok fleet, the EuroSprinter was mainly used as work horse, hauling other (Siemens) rolling stock from Munich to Wegberg-Wildenrath and Berlin for example. This resulted in many exotic convoy trains. Some examples are shown.
the EuroSprinter: second overhaul  
On 10.07.2009, the work shops of Dessau completed the second large overhaul of the EuroSprinter. Appearantly, MRCE Dispolok saw enough potential fur this unique locomotive for the next eight years to spend money on an extensive check-up. This time, also the looks of the machine were altered; Its Dispolok-yellow cabs referred to a corporate identity that was replaced by black few years before, so it had to be updated somehow. The end result was a design with two different faces: the body was painted in antracit grey, the cabs got a light grey color. The front surface of cab 1 was painted silver, that one of cab 2 got a magenta colour. On both sides the EuroSprinter typeface was put on a again, but again on both sides in two different colours; Magenta on the 1-2 side, light grey on the 2-1 side.

The unit made one of its first appearances in the new livery sandwiching a special train together with OBB 1216 025, the worlds fastest electric locomotive.

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