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GySEV 470  
in short
GySEV 1047 series
In 2001, the GySEV, a independent operator in the Hungarian-Austrian border area, ordered five high performance locomotives of the type ES64U2 by Siemens, together with the MAV, the Hungarian state operator. Because the GySEV 1047 series is identical to the OBB 1116 series, it was possible, that 9 months after order placement, the 1047 501 was finished already. Between May and November 2002 the complete batch delivered. They are used for all sorts of trains in Hungary and Austria, but are also approved for Germany. This is possible because they have the EVM120 (Hungary) and Indusi (Germany and Austria) train signalling and safety systems and they have a traction system for 15kV AC and 25kV AC. Although these locos are high-performance locomotives, the GySEV uses them for all sorts of services, even for regional services.
1 batch – 5 locomotives
GySEV designation 1047 501-505
order date 09.2001 (common order with MAV)
volume 49 mil. Euro (MAV locomotives included)
delivery period 04.2002-11.2002
homologated for Germany, Austria and Hungary
operator official website:
Siemens official website:
GySEV 470: news  
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GySEV 470: Select your Locomotive:  
Siemens 20799 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el GySEV  "470 501" 68 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 20800 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el GySEV  "470 502" 39 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 20801 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el GySEV  "470 503" 73 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 20802 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el GySEV  "470 504" 74 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 20803 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el GySEV  "470 505" 65 picture(s) available   revision data available    
GySEV 470: General history  
curious numbering
In April 2002, the Siemens factories in Munchen-Allach completed the 1047 501. The remaining four machines followed within months. Curious detail is that the designation the GySEV selected for its new machines is in fact based on the Austrian numbering system. 1047 would be the most logical and correct service number for multi purpose electrics according to their system. As the OBB decided to use 1116, GySEV and MAV choose 1047.

GySEV 1047 and 1116 series locomotives seem to attract bad luck; 1047 502 after its crash in October 2004.

ES64U2 electrics operated by the GySEV seem to attract bad luck. During the past years 2 of 5 machines were already involved in severe crashes. At 24.10.2004, 1047 502 crashed into a truck and derailed. One cab of the machine was completely destroyed. It was transported to the workshops of Linz in Austria, and after a 10 month recovery period delivered as new. On 27.04.2007 the 504 was the second one to crash into a light truck. Cab front and side were damaged. This machine also went to Linz for repair. In the very same week, as the 504 was totally recovered from its damage, the 505 had its turn on running into a truck (27.02.2008)....

2006: first general overhaul
During 2006-2007, 1047 501, and 503-505 got their first general overhauls, including a complete repaint. As the 502 was being re-deivered after its reconstruction per 01.08.2005, this machine did not require a general inpection.

promotional liveries
On 14.08.2009, unit 1047 504 was presented in 'Haydn' design. Mozart being the first in 2006 (but on an OBB 1116 series locomotive), now another famous music composer got its own locomotive; Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). 2009 was Haydn-year in Austria and Hungary. Design of this livery was made by Gudrun Gieblinger.

On 07.04.2010, unit 1047 505 was presented in a special livery, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the death of István Széchenyi, state reformer and referred to as "the greatest Hungarian".

GySEV 470: rented from the OBB: 1116 series  
1116 061 with its GySEV adhesives; these machines are also used on freight services

renting five 1116s from the OBB
In 2004 GySEV decided to extend its fleet with a second batch of 5 modern electrics. It was decided to sign a long term contract with the Austrian OBB for hiring five 1116 series machines, identical to the 1047 series, in stead of purchasing five new locomotives. Starting per May 2005, the OBB disposed 1116 061-065 to GySEV, for a period of 20 years. A fixed batch of 5 locomotives (1116 061-065) were selected, that got decorated with green and yellow adhesives on both sides and yellow GySEV logos up front. They kept their OBB service number and their red base livery. Now the GySEV has 10 machines at its disposal, the service domain of the 1047 501-505 was changed, as they now were predominantly used for services on the Hungarian part of the GySEV network. The rentals can be seen more on the Austrian side of the border.

crash of 1116 062
At 18.05.2007, the unmanned 1116 062 crashed down a mountainside, after derailing in a curved track section with a speed of 150 kph. In July therefore the OBB decided to retrofit 1116 060 as direct replacement. It got similar GySEV adhesives and logos. The destiny of 1116 062 is unknown, first a thorough investigation has to be done to find out who was responsible for this very curious accident and the economic feasibility of repairing the machine. It's recovery from the steep and wooded mountainside already required a serious amount of money, comparable with the price for a whole new locomotive...

Siemens 20487 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 058-7" 15 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 20488 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 059-5" 15 picture(s) available        
Siemens 20489 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 060" 19 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Siemens 20490 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 061" 33 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 20491 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 062-9" 5 picture(s) available     graphics available vehicle is scrapped
Siemens 20492 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 063" 23 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Siemens 20493 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 064" 24 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 20494 2002 ES 64 U2 Bo'Bo'-el ÖBB  "1116 065" 18 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
GySEV 470: Customer specific equipment  
All GySEV 1047 series machines are equipped with Hungarian EVM 120 safety and signalling system, for services in Austria and Germany the Indusi system is on board. Additionally, the German LZB (Linienzugbeeinflussung) system is installed, an identification and safety system for locomotives, predominanty used when running at speeds over 160 kph.
GySEV 470: Livery in detail  
1047 501 was delivered with blue front numbers and its GYSEV side markings over its entrance doors.

little differences by delivery
All five GySEV 1047 series machines have grey frames and yellow and green painted bodies. Logos and markings are put on in blue. Locomotive 501 also got blue service numbers up front, difficult to identify on green painted front panels, being replaced by yellow ones in July 2002. Its' GySEV markings on both sides were placed over the entrance door, fragmenting it. This did not appeal to its new employer, as the 502-505 were delivered with complete name placed on the left of the entrance door completely. 502 (after its reconstruction in 2005) and 503 (from delivery) have right orientated front service numbers, by the other machines they are in the middle.

detail changes
1047 501 and 502 were delivered with both Siemens and KraussMaffei markings, perforated in their frame ends up front and on every side. 503-505 only carry the name Siemens. This changed because the manufacturer of these machines changed its name in September 2001 from Siemens-KraussMaffei to Siemens after the latter one had increased its share in the total company from 25 to 75%. This of course has to be visible on the products right away!

new cabin roofs
As for all other ES64U2 type machines, Siemens also had to replace the GFK roof tops of 1047 501-505 in 2006.