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MRCE ES64U2: The basic livery  
Customers can put on their own adhesives if they want to.

Dispolok colours
All ES64U2 locomotives for Dispolok GmbH were delivered in the same distinctive bright yellow and silver livery. On the silver surfaces, customers of Dispolok can put their corporate logos and/or colours. When a customer leases or hires a machine for a period longer than seven years, it may repaint the complete locomotive if desired. The increasing use of adhesives makes it possible to quickly change the appearance of a vehicle.

All numbers, Dispolok logos and markings applied are black. Originally Siemens planned to use OBB system service numbers for its locomotives, but in August 2001 it presented its own typology. ES64U2 refers to the technical specification, with additionally a service number, 001 up wards. At that moment 1116 902 and 902 became ES64U2 902 and 903, later on changed into ES64U2 031 and 032.

The LZB number, necessary in Germany for identification for signalling systems, of these machines was however still based on the Austrian OBB system. ES64U2 001-019 could also be identified as 1116 701-719. With the delivery of the ES64U2 020 and 095 this was also changed, as from then on German service numbers were applied. All ES64U2s since then are also known as 182 5xx series.

Other details
1116 901-903, ES64U2 001-018 and 098 were delivered with both Siemens and KraussMaffei markings, perforated in their frame ends up front and on every side. The other machines only carry the name Siemens. This changed because the manufacturer of these machines changed its name in September 2001 from Siemens-KraussMaffei to Siemens after the latter one had increased its share in the total company from 25 to 75%. This of course has to be visible on the products right away!