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DB 182: General history  
All 182 series machines were delivered with small DB logos, only number 014 lost some on its sides pretty soon..

Problems with the 152 series
Because the Austrian federal Railways (OBB) denied the new 152 series freight locomotives running for the DB access to its network, the Germans decided to decrease the number of 152 series machines from 195 to 170, in favour of 25 locomotives identical to the OBB 1116 type. Officially, the OBB refused the 152 series (with more Spartan bogies with nose suspended propulsion systems compared with the OBB 1016 and 1116 series) its homologation for the Austrian network as it was putting too much dynamic load on its infrastructure according to UIC guideline 518. Given the fact that there are several other locomotive types approved for the Austrian network, which exceed the UIC values a lot more, it seems that the OBB used the UIC guideline to slow down the process of competition by foreign companies on its network.

A multi purpose locomotive for the DB after all
Within 5 months (almost the exact time frame the originally planned 152 171-195 would have been delivered) Siemens/KraussMaffei managed to built and deliver the 25 multi purpose locomotives to the DB, designated 182 001-025. As they are only used for freight services, 182 series locomotives in service of DB Schenker do not have the possibility to show their real potential. Parcel Intercity services with a top speed of 140 kph are the most daring task for these machines, but being approved for speeds up to 230 kph, this is still no challenge. Its service domain only includes networks with 15kV AC catenary systems; no profit is taken from the bi-tension possibilities of the 182 series.

182 series: still needed?
Up till today, the182 series is a derogatory member of the DB Schenker fleet, represented by a relative small number of machines and partially misplaced considering its service domain. Its existence was only justified by its privilege to enter Austria. ‘Was’, because in the mean time this right has lost its exclusivity, as DB Schenker's 185.2 series was given full access to Austria in May 2009. As a result, rumours about DB Schenker wanted to get rid of the 182 series got stronger...

In October 2009, DB Regio started an experiment with 182 001, to evaluate the behaviour of these machines in revenue passenger service.