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DB 182: Liveries  
One of 6 machines that had Railion2 logos was 182 020.

original livery
Between 1996 and 2007, the operator of the 182 series changed name several times, by every occasion also corporate logos applied had to be exchanged. The basis however remained the same up till now; body in RAL 3020 ‘Verkehrsrot’ and frame/roof tops in RAL 7012 ‘Basaltgrau’. In 2001, the vlaid name of the operator was 'Deutsche Bahn AG', also on both sides therefore small DB logos were applied. Both front ends of the machines got a similar logo placed in between to small white warning stripes. Service numbers were applied in a different font type than the DIN 1451 standard which the DB generally used for its rolling stock. In stead Siemens/KraussMaffei took a much bolder font similar to the one used for the Dispolok ES 64 U2 series.

a 182 needs a smile!
Remarkable is the story about the white warning stripes up front in combination with the curvature of the front panel on which they were applied, resulting in a subtle change of design. During delivery it was concluded that the stripes, being bended downwards by the panel, made the locomotive look a bit sad. Therefore it was decided to flatten the striping on the top, making the engine smile a bit more! 182 010-013 and 015-025 smile, the other machines are up to today a more 'troubled'...

Commercial liveries
Up till now two locomotives served a commercial purpose for customers of the operator; 182 009 promoted DHL, the 182 004 did the same for 'Porsche'.

182 004 painted silver with stylish Porsche logos.

DB > Railion 2 > DB Logistics > DB
In 2003 the DB department for freight operation was renamed Railion (the second attempt as this name was already introduced for the first time in the late 90s), also soon Railion logos were applied on 182 series locomotives. Although Railion was a standard for more then two years, only five machines got the corresponding adhesives: In October 2003, 182 022 was the first, four more followed: 182 007, 012, 019 and 020.
In October 2005 Railion was renamed DB Logistics; 18 of 25 units got their DB or Railion markings replaced by DB Logistics logos. As the serie was just getting its first overhaul at that time, they could be applied during regular maintainance. Seven units remained unchanged: 182 004 Porsche, 182 007 being the only one left with Railion 2 logos, and 182 011, 013, 014, 015 and 022 with original DB logos.
Just before the workshops managed to get some new uniformity in the looks, the corporate name was changed again; per November 2007 it is ‘DB Schenker’. This did not have an effect on the looks of the 182 series up til now, but it is most likely to presume that all machines will get their orginal DB logos back.

DB Regio
182 001 did get its DB logos back in October 2009, but for another reason. DB Schenker gave this unit to DB Regio, to be evaluated in revenue passenger services.