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MWB 182: General backgrounds  
Brand new 1116 911, blue, and 1116 912, red, will join forces for the Rheinweserbahn.

two machines taken from the OBB 1116 series production line
In 2003 the production of 1116 series locomotives at the OBB workshops of Linz was on full throttle. In May 2003 however locomotive 1116 131 appeared without having its full service numbers applied up front (they just said 1116 ..1-.) and the large white OBB logos were missing! Then it got service number 1116 911-7 and it was planned to deliver the all red machine as such, but there were some complications; With this number the loco was not allowed to run in Austria! So for its dynamic trials, and for one week, the machine got its originally planned service numbers back; 1116 131. At that time, the purpose was of all this ´number-magic´ was still unknown, up to the end of May. A new German-Austrian collective for freight operation, named RheinWeserBahn, purchased it. In November 2003 a second machine completed the very same process, as OBB 1116 171 became Rheinweserbahn 1116 912.

about Rheinweserbahn and its participants
Four private companies joined the RheinWeserbahn cooperation; First two member were German open access operators; MittelWeserBahn GmbH got the 1116 911 and EMB Cargo the 1116 912. The 911 got small green SETG logos by delivery, the third member of the cooperation. SETG is an Austrian freight-forwarding agency and partially owned by the MWB. Fourth member is the Salzburger Lokalbahn SLB from Austria, which took care of composing the convoys.

about Ecco Cargo
The Rheinweserbahn set up the "Ecco Cargo" network, specialized in the transport of single units or small sets of carriages. At the start, both machines worked at the Ecco Cargo "trunk route" from Cologne via Darmstadt and Donauworth (north of Augsburg) to Salzburg.

EBM goes bankrupt
Since the start in 2003, much has changed for the Rheinweserbahn and its Ecco Cargo network. The cooperation lost one participant in May 2004, when EBM Cargo went bankrupt. 1116 912 became property of the MittelWeserBahn. Ecco Cargo however is a big success, both machines are still exploited intensively by the RheinWeserBahn, nowadays renamed as RheinWeserBahnspedition.

Before 1116 912 turned blue, it got its red EBM colours covered by a striking Holzhacksel-print.