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ÖBB 1016/1116: Customer specific packages  
By delivery, 1116 001-025 had a third pantograph for services in Hungary, but those were removed on all machines in 2004 and 2005 after overhead wiring in Hungary was adjusted. 1116 001-025 also are equipped with the Hungarian EVM-120 train detection system, up to today. 1116 061-065, which are leased to GySEV, also have EVM-120 on board.

In 2005, 1116 001 performed trial runs equipped with European Train Control System ECTS, and was at that time not approved for regular services in Austria. ECTS has been removed now.

The OBB 1116 series are being used for regular services into Germany, al the way up to Hamburg in the North. 1116 035-059 are therefore equipped with German 'zeitmultiplexe Wendezugsteuerung' (ZWS) systems. This makes it possible to operate these machines from driver-trailers, so they can be used for push-pull services.

1116 100 during special event where it was moved by hundreds of 1:87 scale models