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ÖBB 1016/1116: Standard liveries and special details  
a very rare picture of 1116 082, with its unique and curious inscription-combination

All 1016 and 1116 series locomotives have been delivered in a plain and simple livery: a Ferrari-red painted body with dark grey frames. There was some criticism on this choice of colours, as it didn't show much creativity, especially when one compared it to older OBB series such as the 1012, 1014 and 1163 series. However, the distinctive design of the machine it self, compensates a lot.

On every side, a large ‘Pflatsch’ logo was applied. On the left of both entry-doors a small Taurus logo is applied on the frame. On the grey frames all technical inscriptions, markings and numbers were placed. The red body is free from annotations, except for both fronts, as service numbers had to be placed on the red cab noses of the machines, aligned to the right. In 2000, locomotives 1016 004, 005, 009, 012, 021 and 1116 029, carried a smaller additional ‘Pflatsch’ logo up front. 1016 012 got it again in 2002.

In 2002 however, the OBB introduced a new corporate identity, fitting their new identity of a modern European rail operator better. In June 2002 the OBB presented its first refurbished passenger coaches and locomotives with new logos. 1016 038 and 1116 021 were the lucky ones to be the first to have their large wide side logos replaced by new ones, also in white in the exact same place. Also up front, logos were applied and therefore the service numbers had to move and to become smaller. They can now be found in the upper right corner.

At that moment, the delivery of the 1116 series was still on its way. From 1116 095 up wards all machines were delivered with the new corporate markings. The machines already delivered had to change their appearance. It took two years for the OBB to replace all old logos on 1016 001-050 and 1116 001-094. The very last one to receive them was locomotive 1116 016, which left the work shops on 16.12.2005. The transition from old to new corporate logos resulted in some remarkable mixed designs. 1016 030 and 1116 062-065 and 069 ran around carrying old style logos only on both sides. 1116 087 still had its old logos and service numbers, when an extra new logo was put up front.

1116 001-069, 075 and 113 were delivered with both Siemens and KraussMaffei markings, perforated in their frame ends up front and on every side. The other machines only carry the name Siemens. This changed because the manufacturer of these machines changed its name in September 2001 from Siemens-KraussMaffei to Siemens after the latter one had increased its share in the total company from 25 to 75%. This of course has to be visible on the products right away! As the crash elements are replaced by new ones quite often, more machines will have only Siemens markings up front by now.

As for all ES64U2 type machines, Siemens had to replace the GFK roof tops of all 1016s and 1116s, which started in 2006.

Along the years, special markings have been applied for speical occassions. An overview of all machines that on some way or another did look a little different from the rest:

special details    
ROCO 'Zugkraft' adhesives 1016 011 since 09.2000
nickname 'Helmut' 1016 050 07.2001 - 07.2004
Salzburg / Olympic Wintergames of 2010 1016 021 since xx.2003
Klagenfurt logos 1116 141 10.2004 - 09.2005
European drivers license 1116 260 since 09.2005
nickname 'Wilhelm Haberzettl' 1116 255 09.2005 - xx.2007
Kalkalpen logos 1016 021 05.2006 - xx.2007
160 Jahre Ostbahn 1116 112 08.2006 - 11.2007
OBB Technische Services 1116 197 09.2006 - 10.2006
Topperformer am Zug 1116 171 since 10.2007
nickname 'Karl-Heinz' 1116 282 n/a
nickname 'Hans-Peter' 1116 181 n/a