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ÖBB 1016/1116: Design  
The mechanical concept of the multi purpose OBB 1x16 series is based on the DB 152 series for the German operator DB. The 152 is freight locomotive, its design being a result of a combination between cost efficiency and the DB demanding a uniform look for all new products part of its latest investment program (including 101, 145 and 152 series).

The OBB wanted to have a more distinctive look, supporting the progressive character of their project and the top performance of the new machines. Also, for a machine that could speed up to 230 kph, aerodynamics become an important design factor. additionally, the new design should also increase active protection by crashes.

The result was awarded with the 2001 Brunel Award for railway design by the Watford Group. The Taurus locomotive design got many positive responses, and its cab design in combination with its red colour soon resulted in nick name ‘Ferrari auf Schienen’ or Ferrari on rails’, a name gladly accepted by the OBB of course!

me inspecting details on 1116 043...:)