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ÖBB 1016/1116: Accidents  
this is what was left of 1116 017 after its crash...

As for all means of transport, accidents occur in railway transport every day. With 332 machines on their way everyday, Taurus locomotives are often involved in Austria. Most accidents result in relatively small damage, somethimes the locomotive is not even affected at all! The 1x16 series have special crash buffers to adsorb energy by a crash. They often prevent the machines to be damaged more seriously. However, despite all safety measurements nowadays, still things can go terribly wrong. The human factor is still a big risk. This sub section describes locomotives that had to be put aside or even scrapped afeter an accident.

1116 017 / 06.02.2007 - Collided onto a freight train with 100 kph at Szöny, between Budapest and Vienna. The driver was killed. For 60% completely destroyed. The machine was returned to Austria on 25.02.2007, where it finally was strored on the OBB work shops of Linz. All re-usable parts were taken out and used for 1116 017 II.

1116 062 / 18.05.2007 - The unmanned 1116 062 (at that moment on hire to the GySEV) crashed down a mountainside, after derailing in a curved track section with a speed of 150 kph. The destiny of 1116 062 is unknown, first a thorough investigation has to be done to find out who was responsible for this very curious accident and the economic feasibility of repairing the machine. It's recovery from the steep and wooded mountainside already required a serious amount of money, comparable with the price for a whole new locomotive... 1116 060 was selected to replace the 062 in service of the GySEV.

1116 235 / 19.06.2007 - This machine was not so badly damaged as the two previous ones, but is mentioned as it was on hire to another oprator at the time. ITL was using the machine, while it frontally collided with Railion 145 020 in the German town of Dörwalde. ITL got replacement right away; 1116 239.

1116 173 / 16.06.2010 - The 173 derailed and was knocked over on a curvious single track section in Ausserbraz (AT) with a car transport train, climbing down the Alpes and heading for France. The exact cause is unknown to us but the train could not brake anymore and the driver lost control of the train. It was only a matter of time before the complete convoy was destroyed.