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ÖBB 1016/1116: Taurus for rent  
one of the Taurus locomotives in service of open access operator ITL from Germany, also occasionally used for charter trains

This sub section implies that the dream the OBB once had, setting up a large pool for locomotives, available for rental or leasing to other operators, did come true after all. This is only partially true. Fact is that the OBB manages a considerable over dimensioned fleet (they are able to rent out 25 machines right away!), most other operators suffer from the scarcity of locomotive traction, and a solution seems rather simple. But it seems that the OBB only has 1116 series machines available for other operators of they are no direct opponent to the OBB or agree on not to become one when using these red machines.

Siemens Dispolok
At the end of 2003, Siemens Dispolok did not have enough ES 64 U2 locomotives available to serve all its customers. Until enough units from the batch ES 64 U2 033-052 were delivered, 5 units were rented from the OBB. 1116 061-065 were selected and got Dispolok logos. In 2004 all were returned to the OBB. In December 2005 Dispolok again rented three machines, 1116 066-068, for one month. The looks of these machines did not change.

Instead of ordering five extra 1047.5 series locomotives, operator GySEV decided to lease five similar machines from the OBB, for a period of 10 years. Again 1116 061-065 were selected, decorated with GySEV logos adn equipped with the Hungarian EVM signalling system. In May 2005 they started with their revenue services. In May 2007, the 1116 062 crashed and had to be scrapped. The OBB provided GySEV with a replacement: 1116 060. it got GySEV logos in July 2007, EVM was installed in November/December 2008. Since March 2009, two more machines were hired to GySEV; 1116 058 and 059. Both have the GySEV logos.

DB Bahn
During the FIFA soccer world championships 2006, DB Bahn needed extra locomotives to transport all the soccer fans. In June and July 2006, 25 different units were in service of the DB continiously. They got an internal designation; 116/117 series. No special logos were applied.

DB Schenker
September-December was a very busy period for DB Schenker in 2006 and 2007. They requested the OBB to assist with extra electrics. In 2006, 1116 248-249, 251-259, 261-263, 267 were in service of DB Schenker. In 2007, 1116 248-249, 252-255, 257-259, 261-263, 265-266, 272 were selected.

ITL/CSKD Intrans
Open access operator is hiring 1116 233-234 since April 2007. In May 2007, 1116 235-238 joined to ITL fleet too. 1116 239 joined when the 1116 235 was damaged, this happened in September 2007.

MÁV Cargo > Rail Cargo Hungaria
Rail Cargo Austria, freight operator and subsidiary of the OBB, took over its competitor from Hunagry, MÁV Cargo, in January 2008. Since 2009 this has consequences for the fleet of MÁV Cargo. Gradually, the OBB is providing its new subsidiary with modern Taurus locomotives. In April 2009, 1116 015 and 016 were the first two to move to Hungary. Both got new blue MÁV Cargo adhesives.

In October 2009, MÁV Cargo operated 1116 009-016, 018-020. On 17.10.2009, 1116 019 crashed onto a car and one cab was destroyed by fire, so it was removed from the fleet and stored in Linz. In December 2009, the new 1116 017II was outshopped in Linz and joined the fleet. In 2010, MÁV Cargo is renamed Rail Cargo Hungaria.