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MAV 470: General history  
The brand new 1047 001 has left the factories in Munchen and ready for its first run.

Remarkable service numbers
In March 2002, the Siemens factories in Munchen-Allach completed the 1047 001. The remaining nine machines followed within months. Curious detail is that the designation the MAV selected for its new machines is in fact based on the Austrian numbering system. 1047 would be the most logical and correct service number for multi purpose electrics according to their system. As the OBB decided to use 1116, GySEV and MAV choose 1047.

OBB awarded with 1047 service contract
In 2006, the MAV awarded the OBB workshops if Linz with a 10 year service contract for its 10 multi-purpose machines. This means 1047 001-010 will get their regular check-ups and main overhauls in Austria.