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GySEV 470: Livery in detail  
1047 501 was delivered with blue front numbers and its GYSEV side markings over its entrance doors.

little differences by delivery
All five GySEV 1047 series machines have grey frames and yellow and green painted bodies. Logos and markings are put on in blue. Locomotive 501 also got blue service numbers up front, difficult to identify on green painted front panels, being replaced by yellow ones in July 2002. Its' GySEV markings on both sides were placed over the entrance door, fragmenting it. This did not appeal to its new employer, as the 502-505 were delivered with complete name placed on the left of the entrance door completely. 502 (after its reconstruction in 2005) and 503 (from delivery) have right orientated front service numbers, by the other machines they are in the middle.

detail changes
1047 501 and 502 were delivered with both Siemens and KraussMaffei markings, perforated in their frame ends up front and on every side. 503-505 only carry the name Siemens. This changed because the manufacturer of these machines changed its name in September 2001 from Siemens-KraussMaffei to Siemens after the latter one had increased its share in the total company from 25 to 75%. This of course has to be visible on the products right away!

new cabin roofs
As for all other ES64U2 type machines, Siemens also had to replace the GFK roof tops of 1047 501-505 in 2006.