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MRCE ES64U2: Remarkable facts..  
ES64U2 010 crash
In July 2003 ES64U2 010 suffered from serious damage after a shunting crash at the yard of Brennero Bhf; Its frame was torn. At the work shops of Linz it was completely disassembled, frame and body rebuilt and all parts were put back. It took until April 2004 to reinstall the 010. Per 07.05.2004 it was delivered as new.

TX logos on ES64U2 042-044 (see title picture)
The three machines in the title picture, never ran with the TX logos they're decorated with in that image. The picture was made in Munchen-Allach during a media event of TX Logistik and Siemens, and for the occasion the machines got TX logos up front and large logos on their sides. Before they left the factory gates however, they were all removed and the machines were handed over to other customers! ES64U2 042, 043 and 044 therefore never had markings up front.

ES64U2 042 visiting Holland
At the end of 2006 ES64U2 042 visited Holland for some trial runs on the new Dutch High Speed Line.

December 2003, a remarkable line-up of CargoServ affiliated locomotives.