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ÖBB 1016/1116: Two machines for the RWB  
In 2003 the production of 1116 series locomotives at the OBB workshops of Linz was on full throttle. In May 2003 however locomotive 1116 131 appeared without having its full service numbers applied up front (they just said 1116 ..1-.) and the large white OBB logos were missing! Then it got service number 1116 911-7 and it was planned to deliver the all red machine as such, but there were some complications; With this number the loco was not allowed to run in Austria! So for its dynamic trials, and for one week, the machine got its originally planned service numbers back; 1116 131. At that time, the purpose was of all this ´number-magic´ was still unknown, up to the end of May. A new German-Austrian collective for freight operation, named RheinWeserBahn, purchased it. In November 2003 a second machine changed identity in the exact same way: the planned OBB 1116 171 became Rheinweserbahn 1116 912.

Picking out one or two machines for a small order from a large ongoing production, in order to be able to guarantee a short delivery period, happens more often. For the 1x16 series, assembled in Linz, the Rheinweserbahn machines were the only two machines that got another employer during production, but production line in Linz became more flexible later on, as from the production for 1216 series for example, 6 machines were diverted.

However, Siemens had to meet contract requirements, so two extra machines had to be built to fill the gaps that 1116 131 and 171 left behind. And so happened. In October 2003, 1116 131 II left the workshops, in May 1116 171 II had its maiden run.