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Alpha Trains TRAXX MS2e: 126-135 East-West configuration  

E 186 126 and 127, both used for homologation trials in Poland, Germany and Austria.

The third configuration included in the 1st order is a batch of 10 machines for the main corridors from Austria and Germany into Poland and vice versa. Rail freight transport is growing very fast Poland, but at the same time it is very difficult to enter the Polish market for foreign operators. Homologation vehicles that offer a possibility for foreign operators to enter Poland is therefore very difficult and time consuming. It was therefore remarkable that already in October 2007, only one year after the first East-West configured machine set foot on Polish ground; the official homologation of the E 186 series for Poland could be announced.

Maybe it makes more sense when you know that the first 6 machines were delivered to the PKP, the national operator from Poland, which announced its deal with Angel Trains Cargo officially in 2007. E186 126, 127, 128, 131 and 132 and 134 are now part of the PKP fleet for a period of 3 years, starting from December 2007. They got PKP designation EU43 001-006 and are used for border crossing services between Poland and Seddin in Germany. 186 126 even got a special PKP promotional livery. The remaining 4 machines are available to other operators. The German open access operator OHE was to first to lease two of them.