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Hector Rail 241: General history  
Tearing down the borders
In March 2007, Hector Rail signed a five year contract with Van Dieren Maritime to provide traction for intermodal trains between Norrköping and the Ruhr Area. Services would start in January 2008 already, to the delivery of the designated 241 series had to be accelerated to have the first two machines ready and approved that month. In July 2007 designated 241.001 was completed in Kassel and sent up north to complete homologation processes for Denmark and Sweden. Both projects were completed on time, but getting access to Germany took a while longer. In the first months of 2008, the German operator MittelWeserBahn took over the HectorRail convoy at the German-Danisch border, to transport it to its final destination. But on 22.04.2008, HectorRail finally got permission to tear down the final border, and HectorRail 241.001 had to honour to be the first Traxx unit to complete a non-stop run form Sweden to Germany.

185 568 transforms into 241.002
Remarkable is the history of locomotive number two of the first batch. The machine was originally built as a Bombardier demonstrator used to test ETCS safety systems and to take part in the homologation process of the Traxx locomotives in the Netherlands. After it had completed its tasks after the summer of 2007, the machines was repainted, retrofitted and tested as Hector Rail 241.002. In January it was delivered to Swedish operator.

Names for HR locomotives
All Hector Rail 241 series locomotives are named after a character from the Star Wars movie trilogy. Names are documented in the corresponding locomotive profiles, which one visit by clicking on a service number in the list at the bottom of this section.

HR machines for rent
HectorRail placed the order for ten Traxx locomotives 'on the grow'. In 2008-2010, several units were hired to other operators.

TX Logistik AB used unit 241.005 (per 04.2008) and 006 (per 05.2008).

CargoLink from Norway used unit 241.004, 006 and 008 from August 2009 to December 2010. Thenthey had to return those machine sto Hector Rail as they were all needed for the new ScandFibre contract. Cargolink replced them with hired units form Railpool.

Hector Rail also has one unit available to Veolia, to haul passenger trains from Stockholm to Malmö since July 2009.