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DB TRAXX F140AC2 (185.2): logo change  
As the corporate identity of the operator changed several times during the delivery of this serie, also the looks of the machines changed along the way. In October 2005, Railion Deutschland was renamed Railion DB Logistics and on 06.11.2005 the very first machine got new corporate logos: 185 205. Per 25.11.2005 all new machines were delivered with DB Logistics logos, starting with 185 240. From 185 281 on all machines carry 11-digit UIC numbers on both sides.

In September 2007 the operator changed its name again; DB Schenker. Railion logos were banned; 185 313-319 were delivered without logo. In February it was decided to decorate all DB Schenker locomotives with a DB logo again, 185 320 was the first with the 'new' look. After a long confusing period of rebranding, we were back to where we started....

The decision not to decorate rolling stock with the completing DB Schenker name and logo, is based on the fact that DB wants to maintain a neutral character for its both subsidiaries for freight transport (DB Schenker and DB Intermodal) in respect to its customers that operate in the (inter)national logistics market too.