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SBB Cargo Re 484: on hire to Cisalpino  
In August 2005 Cisalpino, a joint venture of SBB Cargo from Switzerland and Trenitalia from Italy hired Re 484s from SBB Cargo for its cross-border EuroCity services between Bern, Genf, and Milan. This reduced transition time at the border because one no longer had to exchanges locomotives. This advantage was more important than the relative low top speed of 140 kph of the Re484. Number 014 and 017 were the first machines on hire with a distinctive new look in silver, red and light blue. Re484 017 was the first machine to appear in regular services in its new looks on 29.09.2005. Finally, Cisalpino needed six machines, Re484 013-018.

According to the original contract all machines would return to SBB Cargo in the summer of 2007 as their services then would be taken-over by brand new ETR610 train sets. Delivery is however delayed, so the Re484s stayed with Cisalpino until December 2007. At that moment the ETR610 sets were still in their trial phase, but SBB Cargo reclaimed all Re 484 series machines for its own freight services, as there were massive growth rates. At that time, SBB Cargo also had to miss out on some machines because of the SCMT and ETCS retrofitting program, making the scarcity of tractive power even larger.