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Demonstrator 1216 050: becoming the world record holder..  
1216 050 after its world speed record attempt. The new world record was put on, on the spot!

050 in grey; Vmax = ?
At the end of August 2006, when it became clear that Siemens wanted to beat the high speed record for locomotives with the 050, the complete machine was repainted grey. Silver reflecting circles were added with logos of all participants of this record. Both sides show different logos. In yellow, Vmax was added. The final top speed and the date of the attempt were put on right after the successful run on 02.09.2006. On every corner, one finds the weapon of arms of the German village Kinding, were the event was held. Ever since, then locomotive runs around in this livery. It was only slightly changed in November 2006, during a visit in Italy, where again Italian numbers and a red surface were added at one side.

357 kph
On 02.09.2006 it finally happened, Siemens decided to attack the world high speed record for electric locomotives, up till then owned by the French, who set the record to beat in 1955 (!) with the CC 7107 and BB 9004 (!), on a for that time dazling 331 kph. The small station of Kinding was center of attention that day, along the new high speed track Nurnberg-Ingolstadt. Technically, nothing fundamental was changed on the 050. Only different pantographs were used, the snow-ploughs were removed, and the software was reset. For the occasion, the former world record holders came over from the Mulhouse railway museum, home of the 7107 and 9004. They were exposed at Kinding, together with Siemens ES64P 001, Slovenian Railways 541 004 and the historical Deutsche Bahn locomotive E03 001. The locomotive did two runs, and the second run, pushing (!) the testing coach, the record was set on 357 kph! After completion of the runs Siemens personnel hurried to the machine to complete its inscriptions, adding the speed numbers on both fronts.

1216 050 after its world speed record attempt, next to SNCF BB 9004