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Demonstrator 1216 050: other milestones  
09.2006: Innotrans 2006
On 22.09.2006 the international railway technology fair Innotrans 2006 was held in Berlin. Of course 1216 050 was present! It was possible to take a look inside and look at videos about the world speed record attempt.

10.2006: Velim
After all that attention, normal testing life of the 050 went on. New front numbers were applied and the machine was used at the test centre of Velim with new 200 kph coaches for the Czech railways.

10.2006: Cisalpino
Also the machine went to Italy to experiment with passenger coaches of Cisalpino, that moment planning to rent several 1216 machines for their international passenger services between Germany and Italy until the new ETR610 train sets are delivered. One one front the frame of the 050 was painted red.

11.2007: staff training for the Alex express
Just before Arriva/Landerbahn started its new Alex-services in Southern Germany, the 1216 050 had to help out with staff training. Per december then the newly built E183 001-004 could take over without any problem.

2007 and 2008: test train at the HSL in the Netherlands
In 2007 the new Dutch High Speed Line (HSL), from Antwerp to Amsterdam via Rotterdam was completed. Siemens equipped the line with its detection and signalling systems. 1216 050, was in 2007 and 2008 a very frequent visitor of the line, used as test train.

04.2008-05.2008: final destination
Finally, in April 2008, the 050 left the Netherlands heading for its final destination, becoming a 'normal' 1216 locomotive in the fleet of the federal Austrian Railways. In April and May 2008 the machines was retrofitted, cleaned and repainted in the OBB workshops of Linz, to be handed over officially to the OBB on 21.05.2008, with a considerable ceremony. Not only the worlds fastest electric is now property of the OBB, it is also the very last (and 382nd!) Taurus locomotive to be delivered to this operator. Since then the machine, renumbered as 1216 025, presents itself in a distinctive livery on black with silver body panels.