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IFI/DFG 474  
After SBB Cargo partly cancelled its order for eighteen ES 64 F4 units, Siemens had to find new customers for eight locomotives (eg. six units from the order and two extra machines that where built to replace the damaged 474 007 and 008). Re 474 001, 007II and 010 were sold to Sanpaolo Leasing, which leased them to operator Del Fungo Giera (DFG). They were renumbered as Re 474 101, 103 and 102. Re 474 008II (the future Re 474 104) had to go the same way but finally it was sold to Nordcargo.

In 2008, DFG was merged into Impresa Ferroviaria Italiana (IFI). However, IFI lost its safety permit for Italy in August 2008 and all services were cancelled.

In October 2008, Impresa Ferroviaria Italiana (IFI) went bankrupt. Since then 474 101-103 are out of service. In the first week of April 2010 we did a check-up of the whereabouts of these three units, and they were still parked. No. 101 in DomoII, 102 in Latina and no. 103 in Chiasso. (MS)

In July 2010, all three units were gathered in Chiasso.

Siemens 20742 2004 ES 64 F4 Bo'Bo'-el E 474 101 DG 28 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Siemens 20762 2004 ES 64 F4 Bo'Bo'-el E 474 102 DG 37 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Siemens 21232 2005 ES 64 F4 Bo'Bo'-el E 474 103 DG 27 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Siemens 21233 2005 ES 64 F4 Bo'Bo'-el E 474 104 DG 54 picture(s) available     graphics available  
IFI/DFG Re474: news  
open news
2011-07-15 [IT/DE] back amongst the living; Re 474 101, 102 and 103.. [update]
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2008-08-06 [IT] in Latina..
open news
2008-08-05 [IT] IFI has lost its license