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MRCE ES64F4 (new): 80 new locomotives  
In 2006 Mitsui Rail Capital Europe, a leasing company from Amsterdam and a subsidiary of Japan-based Mitsui Corporation, decided to take over the complete Dispolok fleet from Siemens Transportation systems.

With its Dispolok pool, Siemens was increasingly competing with its own potential customers, so it was decided to sell it and to focus more on their core business again: building locomotives. Of course, the transaction was also financially attractive, raising money which can be invested in developing new products.

In October 2006, Mitsui, got official permission from the European Union to take over Dispolok GmbH. The deal also included an order for fifty new units, the first order from a leasing company for Siemens, which are covered in this section. There are two different sub series, of which one is a first-timer. Thirty units will be normal four-tension machines, like all other ES 64 F4 platform machines up till then, the other twenty will bunits for 3kV DC voltage systems only, or to be more precise, built for the Italian and Polish domestic market and a direct opponent of Bombardier’s Traxx2E DC series.

At the end of 2007, Siemens started to build the very first frames and bodies for these new batches, but already in the spring of 2007 we could see a glimpse of what was to come; The very last ES 64 F4 locomotive, part of the initial Dispolok batch of 45, was delivered in black, the first step in finding the new corporate identity for MRCE Dispolok. The machine intially got service number E189-929 and was a fully fledged VD configurated unit. In 2008 the machine was reconfigured (and renumbered from ES 64 F1-001 to ES 64 F4-400) so that it could only run under 3kV voltage systems, the first sign of MRCE Dispolok wanting to differentiate its fleet more. This so called VI-configuration was a next step in a program soon to incorporate many different versions, together covering all needs of operators throughout Europe.

At the end of 2009, it became clear that Siemens and MRCE Dispolok had renegotioted the contract. MRCE Dispolok decided to order twenty additional units, bringing the total amount on a staggering 70 units, incorporating 8 different configurations:

5x VD > ES 64 F4- 034 to 038
6x VE > ES 64 F4- 082 to 087
9x VI > ES 64 F4- 401 to 409
11x VK > ES 64 F4- 280 to 290
15x VL > ES 64 F4- 101 tot 115 (however delivered as VE, as the approval for Belgium was not there yet at that time)
9x VM > ES 64 F4- 151 to 159
5x VO > ES 64 F4- 208 and 210 to 213
10x VP > ES 64 F4- 450 to 459

First newly built machines representing the MRCE Dispolok order left the Siemens factories in September 2008. On 29.08.2008 two black painted units with provisory numbers einding with '189 401' and '189 402' were transported to Siemens' test center Wegberg-Wildenrath, hauled by ES 64 F4-006. Since that month Siemens is gradually releasing new black machines, all going to Wegberg in sometimes impressive (up to 8-9 units) convoys. Delivery will end in 2010.

Revenue services with new units started at the end of 2009. The VI-configurated units were the first, starting in Italy, with Nordcargo, Rail Italia and CFI as lessors. CTL Logistics hired most of the new VO units, and several VKs were hired to ERSR, TXL and again CTL Logistics. Przewozy Regionalne from Poland was the first to use VP-units: they hired unit 457 and 458 in January 2010.

In March 2011, MRCE Dispolok bought another five ES 64 F4 locomotives for its pool. All five were selected from the Siemens stock pool. The white 189 840-844 (version VM) were selected to be painted black by Dangelmayr in Berlin. This was done in April 2011. Renumbered ES 64 F4-840 to 844, they were delivered to MRCE Dispolok in April-May 2011.