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DB 189: 3 prototypes and serie delivery  
The era of the new EuroLok started in September 2002, when one of three prototypes were completed in Munchen-Allach and was being transported to the Velim test circuit in the Czech Republic, followed by other exotic trips to the north of Sweden for trials in extreme weather conditions and Luxembourg to test the 25kVAC equipment.

Test program ended in April 2003 and 189 001-003 were handed over to the German operator. Serie delivered started one month later. The DB career of the original 189 001-003 soon proved to be a short one, as they were already withdrawn again in October-November 2003. The DB demanded 100 identical machines and the prototypes slightly differed form the series batch. In stead of retrofitting them, Siemens decided to replace them by three new machines, again numbered 189 001-003, and integrate the old ones in their own Dispolok fleet.

Next to technical differences, the prototypes looked slightly different from the series batch. They had nice integrated steel rain gutters above the cabin side, no rubber strips. The grey paint on the frame section was just going a little further around the corner on both front sections and initially the design of their entrance doors was different.

The remaining 97 locomotives were delivered between May 2003 and December 2005.

brand new prototype locomotive 189 003