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DB 189: basic liveries  
the basics
Between 1996 and 2007, the operator of the 189 series changed name several times, and so did corporate logos applied on its rolling stock. The basis however remained the same up till now; body in RAL 3020 ‘Verkehrsrot’ and frame/roof tops in RAL 7012 ‘Basaltgrau’. When first machines were delivered, at the end of 2002 and in the early months of 2003, a small DB logo up front and on both sides was the standard. 189 001-003 (prototype batch) and 189 004-011 got them.

In September 2003 however, Railion became the news standard, including new Railion logos with the small blue square on the right. 189 010, at that moment still waiting in Munchen-Allach for official delivery, was the first to get the 'Railion 2' look ('2', as there was already a first Railion look the end of the 90s. A first attempt to introduce the Railion identity, using a similar logo, but with a blue square on the left..).

From the 189 012 on, Siemens delivered all new 189 series locomotives without logos, as Railion would apply them when they would be handed over to the operator in Nurnberg. This however only happened to 189 013, 022-025, 030-031, 038-042, 046-049 and 052 (detail: 189 030 and 048 only got them on both cab fronts). Others, including the three prototype replacement locomotives, went into service being ‘naked’. 189 054-099 were delivered with Railion2 logos by Siemens. At the end of 2005, Railion DB Logistics was the new official name of the operator, only promoted by the very last machine of its batch, 189 100, because it was handed over to the DB with a small ceremony.

One of four 189s that got Railion DB Logistics logos, in Berlin hauling a passenger train.

livery changes after delivery
Between 2003 and 2007 the design of very few locomotives changed. 189 001II, 002II, and 004 got Railion 2 logos in 2003 and 2004. 189 027 was the first to get DB Logistics logos, in November 2005, 189 010 and 013 followed soon. At the end of 2007, the latest name was introduced; DB Schenker. All machines get small DB logos again, but this has not affected the look of any 189 series machine up til now.

With the introduction of the 189 in the Netherlands in December 2007, one could say a new standard was created. Dutch rail safety authorities demand that all vehicles on their territory have a bright yellow or white front to increase visibility. 189 065-080, 082-089 and 100, those were selected for services to Holland, got a bright white front, without logos.