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MRCE ES64F4 (ex Dispolok): liveries  
Dispolok colours
All ES64F4 locomotives for Dispolok GmbH were delivered in the same distinctive bright yellow and silver livery. On the silver surfaces, customers of Dispolok can put their corporate logos and/or colours. When a customer leases or hires a machine for a period longer than seven years, it may repaint the complete locomotive if desired. The increasing use of adhesives makes it possible to quickly change the appearance of a vehicle.

service numbers
All numbers, and there are quite a lot, Dispolok logos and markings applied are black. Up front a locomotive has two different service numbers. ES64F4 0xx is the Dispolok designation, the additional E189 xxx number, is required for vehicle identification in Italy. When a machine is immatriculated for this country, it also has to carry two additional letter markings, telling us which operator runs the vehicle. On both sides all ES64F4 machines carry LZB numbers for identification in Germany, UIC numbers and a sub type designated, noted down as class-189 Vx.

other details
All ES64F4 machines have small red surfaces up front, again a demand of Italian railway authorities.

MRCE-Dispolok colours
In the last days of 2007 a new standard was introduced by Mitsui, introducing the new MRCE-Dispolok brand identity. ES64F4 010, 028, 033 and former Railion machines 189 090/092-095 were the first with a MRCE make-over. All were painted completely black, all with large white front surfaces up front and small red ones between the head lights. Regarding details, there is some variation. Technical inscriptions are put on different places on both sides, making the machine absolute symmetric. Most machines carry the new MRCE-Dispolok logos, which can vary in size and place.

summer 2011: new MRCE logo
In the summer of 2011, MRCE changed its organisational structure and its name: just MRCE (again). The logo was slightly changed. At that time the SBB works of Bellinzona was doing overhauls on ES64F4 locomotives for MRCE, including several repaints. ES 64 F4-016 and -090 were the first two units to be outshopped, with new logo.