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MRCE ES64F4 (ex Dispolok): fleet composition  
Siemens orginally built 45 locomotives for its Dispolok-fleet. Next to new locomotives, the pool also became an asylum for former prototype locomotives (DB 189 001-003) and units that became obsolete after cancelling other contracts (SBB Re474s).

Between 2003 and 2005 a first batch of 30 machines was built, ES64F4 001-018 being sub type 189-VD, and ES64F4 088-099 planned as sub type 189-VE. In 2006 and 2007 15 additional machines (ES64F4 019-033) joined the Dispolok fleet, partially delivered after MRCE had taken over.

ES64F4 003-005: former DB prototypes ES64F4 003-005 were originally built for DB Schenker, designated 189 001-003, but after the completing the trail phase for the DB, it was decided to replace them by three new machines, identical to the series, 189 004-100. All three were repainted, retrofitted as sub type VD and integrated into the Siemens Dispolok fleet in spring 2004.

ES64F4 019-020: originally built for SBB Cargo April 2006: two machines originally built for SBB Cargo, but never delivered as they were damaged during trials runs at the Siemens test centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath, are integrated into the fleet. Re 474 007 and 008 become ES64F4 019 and 020.

E189 929: a special case
May 2007: A ES 64 F4-029 never existed. This unit presented itself in 2007 as E 189 929 with a special black livery with Siemens logos, as VD-version. Not much later, the machine was retrofitted in Munich, and re-appeared as ES 64 F4-400, version VI. It was the first 'downgraded' unit for the Italian domestic market. It is still a four-system locomotive, but its software and safety equipment can only communicate in Italy. The machine has only two pantographs.

ES64F4 locomotives sold to customers
MRCE is also open for selling locomotives to operators. In September 2006, MRCE sold ES64F4 001-005 to one of its larger customers; Rail Traction Company (RTC) from Italy.

In December 2006, Lokomotion also purchased five machines. At first ES64F4 006-010 were selected, but there were problems with the contracts for 006, 008-010, at that moment still operated by the Austrian State Railways. Finally MRCE decided to sell ES64F4 007, 012, 014, 017 and 018 in stead.