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SBB Re 474: Delivery process  
Several Re474s waiting for final approval, so they can start some regular services...

At 09.08.2004, Re 474 001 was the first machine to roll out of the Munchen factories. SBB Cargo Re 482 027 transported it to Bern. After that, various dynamic trials were performed in Switzerland and Italy. It took until 15.05.2005 (other source: 18.04.2005) before the Italian railway authorities, Cesifer, finally approved the Re474 series in its network. Already in the spring of 2005 Siemens had completed the building of 18 machines, so it got quite crowded in the factory halls in the mean time.

Right after that, the exodus of Re474s from Munchen started. 15 machines were transported southwarts, often hauled by quite remarkable locomotives. An overview;



hauled by


013, 014, 015

ES64P 001 + ER20 005


002, 016, 017

ES64P 001 + ES64F4 090


003, 006, 010

Ae 4/7 10997 + ER20 006


004, 005, 009

Re 4/4 I 10006 + 10008 + 10019


011, 012, 018


Missing are Re 474 001 (already in Switzerland) and 007/008 that were still needed for trails at the Siemens test centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath in Germany.

The latter two machines mentioned did not come out of this trial process completely unharmed… During a shunting accident both machines got damaged in such a way that a reconstruction of the frame came into question. They were transported back to Munchen for further inspection. Siemens started immediately with building to replacements (#21232 as Re474 007II and #21233 as Re 474 008II).

At 05.08.2005 however, SBB Cargo officially declared in a press statement that they only purchased 12 out of 18 machines. The total batch of 18 was ordered in two stages, and for the first serie of 12, the delivery deadline was exceeded. Next to the damaged 007 and 008, also locomotive 001, 006, 010 and 011 were returned to sender. Luckily, Siemens succeeded in finding new employers for all left-overs. There was now enough time to repair the original Re474 007 and 008, which were then delivered to Dispolok as ES64F4 019 en 020. Re 474 007II/008II and the others were sold to Hector Rail in Sweden and to Italian open access operators.

Re 474 006, 010 and 011 back in Germany, after being turned down by SBB Cargo.