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ÖBB 1216: 1216 050  
In February 2005 Siemens started to built a ES64U4 platform locomotive, next to the three 1216 series prototypes for the OBB. Soon this supplemental machine, the designated 1216 050, was presented as new Siemens demonstrator. Not only would it be used to prove new technologies and components for future Siemens products, Siemens also decided to even strive for a higher goal with the 1216 050; becoming the worlds fastest single body electric in the world…

Back in 2005, when the machines was completed, Siemens also published what to do with machine when all trials were completed; it would be delivered to the federal Austrian railways (OBB) as 50th and final locomotive of their 1216 series. As long its property of Siemens, the machine has its own section.