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ÖBB 1216: Serie delivery  
Very similar, but when you look closer, nothing is the same..

From October 2005 on, series production of the 1216 series started, with the final assembly of the 1216 002II and 003II. Like during the production of the OBB 1116 series, the OBB workshops of Linz were responsible for the final assembly of the machines. Frames and bodies are welded together in Munchen, but than are transported to Austria. In June 2006 the the 1216 002II, 003II and 004, being the first locomotives 'made in Linz', were handed over to the OBB. All machines have the ´part of the best´ logos and inscriptions. The 1216.0/class-VA machines carry additional front numbers: E190 0xx, necessary for service in Italy. In 2006 the 005-010 and 227-232 were built. In 2007 and 2008 Siemens and the Linz workshops completed the serie with 1216 233-240, 142-150 and finally the 011-024.