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ÖBB 1216: International career  
In September 2006, all 1216 sub series series were approved by the German railway authorities, EBA, for services in Germany. Since December 2006, the 1216.1 series may run in Slovenia.

In April 2007, it became clear that no breakthrough was expected in having the OBB 1216 series homologated for Slovakia and Czech Republic, due to too much resonant currents on their networks. Five 1216.2s were then retrofitted for services to Slovenia, otherwise the OBB could use these machines for domestic services only. 1216 227-231 became 1216 127-131.

Since the summer of 2007, the 1216.0 machines are homologated for Italy, to be used on the Innsbruck/Lienz corridor.

In November 2007, 1216 232 was temporarily retrofitted for services in Italy, and numbered as 1216 032 it completed trials that finally would have to lead to an approval for the 1216 series for speeds up to 200 kph in the future. Italy is introducing a new train detection system, called SCMT, which is mandatory for speeds above 140 kph soon, so the combination of 1216 and SCMT required another testing project.

Per 24.01.2008, 1216.2 machines have a restricted approval for Brünn - Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Rublic. 1216 234 was used for gathering enough data to make sure this was possible. Since June 2008 all 1216s configured as sub type C (1216.2) have full approval for running in the Czech Republic. The only restriction is that on track sections were old safety systems are installed, working with 25 Hz frequencies, maximum speed is restricted to 40 kph.

Just before the summer of 2010, the 1216.0 series had their long awaited break through in Italy. Since then, all units fit for running in Italy at that moment (eg 1216 001-025 and 032, which also kept its Italian package) can be seen in Italy. They are immatriculated at three different Italian companies, which is required to get them running in this country. An overview of the situation in October 2010:

1) Linea Smart Business Ways uses unit 1216.001, 002, 003, 004, 025 and 032. This freight operator is property of Rail Cargo Austria, the freight transport division of the ÖBB. In Italy these machines are marked as E190 0xx I-LI.

2) Units 1216 005 to 009 (E190 005-009 I-TI) run under FS Trenitalia registration because they are solely used for the corridor services between Innsbruck and Lienz, with Trenitalia personal on board.

3) LeNord operates 1216 011 to 024 (of which units 011-019 are decorated with the Italian flag) as E190 0xx I-LN. - EisenbahnRevue/PT/LF