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OHE 27008x  
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The German freight operator Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (OHE in short) ordered three EuroRunner locomotives from Siemens in 2007. Within three months the first machine was ready for service. All three machines are taken out of a batch built in stock by Siemens, to make very short delivery terms possible. The EuroRunners, designated OHE 270000 series, are the first new locomotives for the German private operator OHE, part of Arriva transport. At the end of July, the first machine, 270080, was officially presented in Celle, home base of the OHE, by exposing the new logo of this OHE locomotive type, a jumping 'panther', combined with Arriva logos. Note that the OHE already exploits red and silver 'Tiger', the Bombardier DE-AC33C diesel locomotives. In August 270081 arrived in Celle, in November the third machine, 270082 was delivered.
3 locomotives
delivery 07.2007 - 11.2007
> designation 270080-270082
operator official website:
Bombardier official website:
OHE 270080: news  
open news
2013-01-30 [DE] EuroRunners in Neustrelitz [updated]
open news
2012-09-27 [DE] OHE 270080 with new logos
OHE 270080: Details  
Since 2000, the German K+S Gruppe is a customer of the OHE. The OHE operates trains from the K+S Sigmundshall factory in Bokeloh to Wunstorf, where they are handed over to the DB. In February 2008, K+S and OHE agreed on continuing their cooperation for another three years. To celebrate this fact, locomotive 270081, is decorated with a K+S Logo since that month.
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