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EVB 420.1  
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The EVB, a private passenger and freight operator in Germany, operates four modern EuroRunner locomotives built by Siemens between 2005 and 2007. They are all painted dark red with EVB coloured waves in the sides. These machines represent the EuroRunner ER20 freight subtype, also without a passenger train heating system and an increased fuel tank volume. All engines are property of the Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH (EVB) and used for freight trains.
4 locomotives
delivery 02.2005 - 04.2007
> designation 420.11-14
operator official website:
Bombardier official website:
EVB 420.1: news  
EVB 420.1: Details  
The Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH (EVB) is a private rail operator which operates services in the German state of Niedersachsen. Since some time now the EVB also takes care of (container) services in northern Germany. In 2005 this company got an EuroRunner, this time painted dark red and numbered 420.11 (4=4axles, 20=2000kW). The loco left Munchen for its first test runs on 15.02.2005, already with a completed design, which is a combination of the two different styles the EVB uses on its rolling stock. Like the 253 014 for the PRESS also this engine has an additional fuel tank (in stead of the ZS-container), which increases the fuel capacity of the loco to 4000 litres. In February 2006 a second EuroRunner, the 420.12, was delivered. This engine looks a bit different because of its black light housings and the LED head lights. In that same month the EVB pronounced to order for a third locomotive, which was delivered in May 2006 as 420.13, with new LEDS. Without further notice, in April 2007 the 420.14 was delivered.
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