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LTE 2016  
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The LTE, a private freight operator from Austria, operates two EuroRunner diesel-electrics built by Siemens, the designated 2016 903 and 904. They both have a remarkable history before they came to Austria, to serve LTE. The 903 was originally in service of Siemens Dispolok as ER 20-009. To ensure LTE a short delivery time, it was decided to pick a locomotive from their locomotive leasing pool rather than building a new one. ER 20-009 was only a few months old by that time, so one can hardly speak of a 2nd hand purchase.

When the second machine, the 904, came to LTE, Siemens had changed its strategy. The started building EuroRunner locomotives ahead of actual orders, so there would be always some units already available for new customers. As Siemens expected that it would sell more EuroRunners to Veolia-NOB, two machines that were in stock were painted in the NOB corporate colours, waiting for things to come in Munich-Allach. One of them however, originally designated as DE2000-05, was finally sold to LTE in February 2007. That month the machine was refitted and repainted, joining the LTE fleet as 2016 904. Both locomotives are property of LTE Logistik- und Transport GmbH.

On 16.05.2010 a third LTE EuroRunner was delivered to the operator, designated 2016 909. It comes from stock production, which Siemens has outsourced to the Arriva workshops in Neustrelitz.

3 locomotives
delivery 08.2004 / 02.2007 / 05.2010
> designation 2016 903 / 904 / 909
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LTE 2016: news  
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LTE 2016: the 903  
At the end of 2004 the Austrian rail operator LTE bought a ER20 locomotive. In this case it was not a new loco but the ER20 009 which was used until then by Dispolok. On 27.11.2004 the loco went to Wiener Neustadt where during the night the Dispolok logos were removed and service number ER20 009 was replaced by a new one: 2016 903. (SLtB already uses two ER20 locos, numbered 2016 901 and 902). On 29.12.2004 the official approval run was made. Since then the 2016 903, still yellow, was used for regular services and for staff training.

At the end of January 2005, NVR-numbering was added: 93 81 2016 903-3. Also the equipment for ‘Zugsammelschiene’ was removed in order to get the loco also approved for Slovakia, where such system is not allowed because it could causes interruptions in signalling systems. When all this was done the loco was used for Petrolkoks-services Burghausen in Germany and Ziar nad Hronom in Slovakia. All this was done in March; on 18.03.2005. Finally the 2016 903 was transported to the OBB workshops in Linz for some blue paint and a larger fuel tank. In Vienna it got it's vynils and on 06.04.2005 then the loco was officially presented carrying LTE, DHL and European Bulls logos. Next to that the loco also got a name: Maria.

LTE 2016: the 904  
Ever since the 2016 903 was delivered, there were rumours about a second LTE diesel-electric. But, of course, first there has to be sufficient services that justify such an investment. At the end of 2006, LTE decided to rent Dispolok ER 20-006. So it was obvious that a second locomotive was necessary and it did not take long before LTE purchased a new machine. The second LTE machine, numbered 2016 904, was foreseen to be sold to Veolia-NOB, being designated DE2000-05.

It was completed in October 2006 and already painted in blue, yellow and white, the NOB corporate colours. For unknown reasons, Veolia, at that moment, did not purchase the DE2000.05 and so it became available to LTE. The DE2000-05 was transported to Linz at the end of January 2007 and repainted in silver and blue in the workshops of Linz. After that the machine, built as standard EuroRunner, like the 903, needed refitting for freight service. This was done in February and March. On March 7th, the 904 emerged again. Unlike the 903, it carries large LTE logos, and the European Bulls vinyls have lost some size.