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WLE 2x  
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The Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn (WLE) decided to order a new EuroRunner in 2006. The machine was delivered to Lippstadt on March 7th 2007, painted bright orange, with white inscriptions and striping, number 22. First service for this engine was performed on March 15th. In November the WLE 22 appeared to be refitted for passenger services. Therefore an EuroRunner needs to be refitted with a ZS-container in stead of the enlarged fuel tank. That means the fuel capacity is reduced from 4000 to 2500 litres. Remarkable is that the WLE 22, during its construction, was painted in the livery Nord-Ostsee-Bahn GmbH, in white, yellow and blue. It even had a NOB designation: DE2000-04.

During the spring of 2008, WLE decided to order a second EuroRunner unit; WLE 23 was delivered to the WLE in June 2009, fitted with radio control. WLE 22 got this equipment too (in July and August 2008) and during its absence WLE hired Siemens demonstrator ER 20-2007.

WLE 22, ordered 2006, delivered 15.03.2007
WLE 23, ordered 2008, delivered 24.06.2009
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WLE 2x: news  
open news
2010-05-19 [DE] WLE 23 back in business
open news
2010-02-19 [DE] WLE 23 had an accident
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2009-07-09 [AT/DE] brand new EuroRunners
open news
2008-11-12 [DE/AT] new EuroRunner orders
WLE 2x: remarkable facts  
accident WLE 23 in Diestedde
On 19.02.2010 WLE's 23 was damaged after a collision with a truck in the German town of Diestedde. It was repaired and back in service on 18.05.2010.
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