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RTS Austria 2016  
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The Austrian private rail operator RTS Rail Transport Service Austria GmbH runs freight services in Austria and Germany. Next to that the company is responsible for the transport of rail construction trains, building materials and special transports. RTS Austria is a 100% subsidiary of Swietelsky, on of the major rail construction companies in Europe. Since 2005, the company is expanding its own fleet. First 2nd hand 2143 series diesel locomotives were purchased from the OBB, and different ES 64 U2 and ER 20 series machines were rented from MRCE-Dispolok. In 2007 however, RTS decided to purchase new locomotives. By Siemens two ES 64 U4 electrics and EuroRunner diesel-electric locomotive were ordered. The latter one was outshopped in June 2007, being painted in the RTS corporate colours orange and silver. First commercial service of the 905 started on July 3rd 2007. It is the fifth EuroRunner for an Austrian based company and is used all over Austria and Germany.

In 2009 the fleet of EuroRunners was extended with two new units: 2016 906 and 907, delivered during the Summer.

The delivery of locomotive no. four, 2016 908, was postponed until April 2011. This machine was delivered in white from the EuroRunner assembly line in Neustrelitz.

4 locomotives
delivery 06.2007 / 06.2009 / xx.2009 / 04.2011
> designation 2016 905-908
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RTS Austria 2016: news  
open news
2013-03-28 [AT] Train crash in Austria
open news
2011-04-07 [AT] RTS got its fourth EuroRunner [update]
open news
2011-03-17 [AT] Fleet of RTS Austria soon to expand
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2009-07-09 [AT/DE] brand new EuroRunners
open news
2009-06-02 [AT] 2016 906 for RTS Austria
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