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Siemens ER20-2007  
in short
For testing and promotional purposes, Siemens built an extra EuroRunner locomotive in 2007. The white and silver painted machine, matching the corporate identity of Siemens was completed in April 2007. Technically the machine represents the ER20BU subtype, with minor modifications: the machine has small destination displays behind its right front windows and it is equipped with radio control, which can be derived from the fact that the machine has small blinking lights on every cabin corner.

The machine made a short public appearance at the Siemens test centre in Wegberg-Wildenrath in August 2007. The centre opened up its doors for the public that month.

Then it became rather quiet around the silver and white locomotive, being stored in Munchen-Allach until the summer of 2008. From July 2008 to July 2009, various German operators like WLE, MWB, Railion, RAN, RBG, Eichholz, and e.g.o.o evaluated the ER 20-2007 in revenue service. By the WLE the ER 20-2007 helped out while WLE 22 was refitted with radio control. Then the machine travelled to the Czech Republic for trials, ending up in Wegberg-Wildenrath afterwards. On 01.09.2009 the locomotive arrived in Hungary, then being equipped with the Mirel signalling system, as such the machine was tested by GySEV. With Mirel the ER 20-2007 can be operated in countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. In November 2009 the unit was transported to Slovakia, where was handed over to the local subsidiary of operator LTE.

Siemens ER20-2007: news  
open news
2012-07-03 [DE] Railcolor Report: open door day in Wegberg-Wildenrath
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2012-01-03 [DE] The livery of EuroRunner PCW7 has changed
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2011-11-12 [DE] PCW ER 20-2007 with new livery and new fleet number
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2011-06-08 [DE] ER 20-2007 sold to Prüfcenter Wegberg-Wildenrath
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2010-01-17 [EU] Siemens demonstrator fleet
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2009-09-10 [HU] ER 20-2007 in Hungary
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2008-07-26 [CH] EuroRunner demonstrator in Switzerland
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