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Alpha Trains 223  
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Since December 2007, EuroRunners from Angel Trains took over passenger services in Southern Germany; From Munchen to Oberstdorf and Lindau, from Munchen to Regensburg, and from Furth-im-Wald to Hof.

Operator Arriva was awarded with this 10-year-contract for these relations back in 2005, made a deal with Angel Trains about the purchase of new locomotives, and is now operating twelve brand new diesel machines. They run on all lines mentioned, except for the Munchen-Regensburg relation, where Siemens ES 64 U4 locomotives (Arriva E183 series) are being used.

These twelve machines represent the first batch of Siemens locomotives, delivered to an independent leasing company.

12 locomotives
delivery 06.2007 - 11.2007
> designation 223 061-072
operator official website:
Bombardier official website:
Alpha Trains 223: news  
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2010-01-05 [EU] From Angel to Alpha
open news
2008-06-30 [EU] Angel Trains Cargo sold
open news
2008-01-07 [DE] delivery 223 series for Arriva completed
Alpha Trains 223: More details  
Brand name of these services is ‘Alex’, an abbreviation of Arriva-Länderbahn-Express. Arriva took over these services from Länderbahn/SBB GmbH, which exploited them since December 2003 under the name Allgau Express, also ‘Alex’ in short. They also used EuroRunner locomotives, hired from Siemens Dispolok.

The new ‘Alex’ trains have become a popular subject for railway photographers, as passenger trains hauled by locomotives slowly turn into a curiosity, as the majority of the operators nowadays choose for train sets to exploit renewed services. The ‘Alex’ is also appreciated by the real railway travelling purists. Refurbished, but classic coaches are being used, with classic compartments in the first class, and even a fully fledged bar, nicknamed ‘alex-treff’, on board.

locomotive number 12: Regental Cargo 223 072
From December 2007 until December 2009, unit no 223 072 was exploited by Regenbahn Cargo, a freight operator and also property of Arriva. During that period the locomotive had the same base livery as the 061-072, but with Regental logos on both sides. With the introduction of the new time table in December 2009, two more EuroRunners were needed for the Alex services; One unit was hired from MRCE Dispolok, the second vacancy was filled with the 072, since then running around with normal Alex logos.

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