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DB TRAXX F140AC2 (185.2): Remarkable facts..  
first Traxx 2 body at Innotrans 2004

Next to SBB Cargo's Re484 001 and a single cab frame, also the first Traxx 2 body to be used for a DB Schenker locomotive was displayed at Innotrans 2004, the international railway fair in Berlin. Without numbers, and bogies for example, but with Railion 2 logos, there was no doubt who was the most important customer for Bombardier at that moment.

Turning a 185.2 locomotive into a 146.2

You may have noted that instead of 200 machines order, only 199 are listed. Being an experiment, the planned 185 400 was delivered in 2006 to DB Regio, numbered as 146 228! By doing this Bombardier could demonstrate the flexibility of the Traxx 2 platform. Maybe more 185 series machines will become 146 series in the future...

185 317 brings the Peking Express home

On January 9th, a container freight train with 49 TUE started its long voyage from Peking-China to Hamburg-Germany. On 24.01.2008 it arrived under supervision of the chef of the Deutsche Bahn, Herr Mehdorn, in Hamburg. As it took only 15 days to travel from China to Europe, rail transport proves to be an interesting alternative to shipping, which takes up to 40 days. During its final kilometers, the convoy was hauled by Railion 185 317, therefore decorated with special adhesives.

production pace rescheduled

In August 2009, DB Schenker decided to put the delivery of the 185.2 series on hold. On 05.08.2009, unit no. 185 389 was the last one to roll of the production lines in Kassel. On 29.06.2010, Bombardier outshopped a new unit with number 185 390, proving that the production was restarted. DB Schenker still awaited ten units at that moment. Originally, Bombardier and DB Schenker and Bombardier agreed on an eight year delivery period of 50 units per year. Later on this was rescheduled several times.

rol-out 185 399: delivery completed

On 29.09.2010, locomotive no. 185 399 was officially handed over to DB Schenker. With this unit, the red era in Kassel ended. For almost ten years Bombardier had been producing Traxx F140AC electrics for the German operator. 185 399 got some special vinyls for its inauguration, which where removed one day after the ceremony. Then DB asked Bombardier to apply them again, so unit 399 was delivered with the large numbers on its side.